Oh How I Love Walmart Clothing Brands For Children!

I have always been a fan of Walmart but my admiration has grown now that I have a family and a growing child.  As a rule of thumb, I always make sure that I make functional fashion choices for my family and I want to get the most bang for my buck. I love Walmart clothing brands for children because they are:

  1. Affordable

On my last haul, I spent right at $50 on one coordinate set, one dress, one sweatshirt, a pair of sweatpants, one pair of leggings, and four tops. Walmart clothing brands for children such as Garanimals and Wonder Nation have pieces that range from as low as $3 to $18. Super affordable pricing makes for a budget-friendly shopping experience!


  1. On Trend

Walmart Clothing Brands for Children are fashion forward and age appropriate. One of my pet peeves is seeing children in clothing that makes them look older than what they are. I can always find pieces that help Madison stay on trend and look like a 4-year old.


  1. Versatile

All of the pieces of clothing that I purchased can be wor interchangeably to create different looks. You can get creative and tailor looks that play up your kiddos personal style. Check out three different looks that I was able to create by using the same puffer vest and leggings and pairing them with different tops.


Walmart Clothing Brands For Children
Puffer Vest Look 1


Walmart Clothing Brands For Children
Puffer Vest Look 2


Walmart Clothing Brands For Children
Puffer Vest Look 3



  1. Durable

Like most children, Madison can be rough on clothing and shoes. My experience with Walmart clothing brands for children is that they have an extensive shelf life and that they remain intact with wear and tear and multiple wash/dry cycles. I was actually going through her drawers the other night and I found some Garanimal tops that I bought last spring. They are a 4t so she has outgrown them BUT they still look good!


So head on over to your nearest Walmart and check out their clothing brands for children. You won’t be disappointed and you can tell them that I sent you!