What Motherhood has Taught Me

Motherhood has taught me so much and I know that I have many lessons to learn. I’d like to share just a few of these lessons with you. I am writing this as I sit next to Madison while she fights sleep…in the dark. Her daddy and I have changed up her routine as of a week ago and we now require her to lay down on her own as opposed to rocking her to sleep. This is long overdue because she will be three in August. However, the picture that many parents paint and/or aspire to when it comes to getting toddlers to go to bed and stay in the bed has not been our reality. Madison goes down later than most toddlers. Madison still pops up in the wee hours of the morning (but thankfully she knows to lay back down). Madison thinks that our bed is her bed a great majority of the time. And you know what? I’ve learned to be ok with that.

Lesson #1: Comparison Kills
I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. It didn’t hit me until I realized that what’s best for me and my household may not be what’s best for others and their household. And vice versa. I’ve learned and I’m still learning that I have to trust God and pray for direction on how to parent the gift that he has given ME. This doesn’t mean that I am beyond taking advice or that I’m beyond reproach. It just means that I have to daily take the pressure off of myself to be something or someone that I am not as a woman, wife, and a mother.

You may ask: “ Why is Madison still in your room?”
Madison aspirated on us when she was about two months old. Scariest night of our lives and even after that she would deal with bouts of acid reflux which manifested itself in various ways. SO fear set in and we kept her as close to us as we could during the night. Fast forward to today and she’s a vibrant two-year old because of God’s grace. Even in the midst of some scary health challenges such as the time when we learned that she has life threatening food allergies. Through all of it she has been a little trooper. She handles things much better than Carlos and I do which brings me to the next lesson.

Lesson 2: Fear is a liar
Thanks Zach Williams for this song! Fear will keep you stuck and render you helpless. Carlos and I often talk about how we needed to shake off that night and how it lead us to where we are today….captive to Madison kicking, elbowing, and spooning us, well me, on most nights. Madison isn’t aware of any limitations that she may have at this time but we will have to teach her to advocate for herself as she grows older. Right now she goes about her day fearlessly and often much to my chagrin. Think about the things that you and I could do if there were no barriers or limitations (within reason, of course). As a mother I have learned that I have to push past those moments where I fear that I’m going to fail or that I am inadequate. I’ve also learned that I cannot project my fears on Madison. It’s not fair to her. So I shake myself and do what my mom taught me to do. PRAY and ask for the help of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit because “ he will lead you and guide you into all truth.” If you didn’t already know, I’m a church girl!

The last lesson that I would like to share is probably the most important one.

Lesson 3: Accept the process

Motherhood is a journey. I’m blessed to be on this journey. It’s a humbling experience and my mom always reminds me that I will leap over one hurdle to only reach the next one but that like many mothers before me, I can do it. Motherhood has given me a strength and resolve  that I’m not sure I would have ever tapped into unless Madison J. Boyd was around to test it daily. My hat goes off to all mothers. I have learned to settle into this role and to enjoy every moment with my TERRIFIC two year old because she won’t be this size forever. I can accept every day and every new challenge because of God’s grace.

Every day is Mother’s Day and every mother can relate.