Is anyone else working towards wellness goals this year?


My first blog post for the year essentially talked about me being more intentional about taking care of home: spiritually, mentally, and physically. Clink the link below for a quick, inspirational read.

New Year, Same Soil

So how does this relate to this blog post? Let me just cut to the chase. I need to be more intentional about living a healthier lifestyle. I have a family to care for and I want to enjoy the life that I’ve been given. So while I’m no expert in health or fitness, I do know what things have helped me reach my wellness goals in the past. It’s just time to dust these three things off and make them a part of my daily routine.

The three things that I can to do to help me reach my wellness goals are:


  1. Drink More Water

The benefits of drinking water are numerous but I am not as prudent about following through with the suggested daily amount. It’s hard but my husband purchased BuildLife water bottle from Amazon a few months back for me that really helped me to stay on track. Time to pull it off the shelf. For me, drinking plenty of water keeps me full which ultimately keeps the munchies away.


  1. Exercise More 

I hate exercising. I hate gyms. I’ve had success with trainers, walking, and group fitness classes. I now have physical limitations due to Graves’ disease BUT I was recently cleared for mild-to-moderate physical activity.  The plan is to get in a walk for 30 minutes three times a week.  I am fortunate to have friends in place to help me get this done. Now that the weather is turning a corner it will make it easier! I also have some dvd options that will allow me to take a walk at home if the weather isn’t cooperating. Did I mention my recent purchase? A CUTE pair of blush Puma athletic shoes from Rack room. I hear cute workout clothing keeps you motivated!

PUMA Women’s Pacer Next Cage

3. Make better food choices

I’ve seen a nutritionist three times and the accountability really helps. My downfall has been the lack of consistent follow through with the tools and strategies that I acquired. I don’t like to deprive myself but I know there are things that I just need to stay away from. Fast food is one of those things.  Being prepared always makes the difference. Eating a good breakfast, packing small snacks, and eating appropriate portions for lunch and dinner are all things that I’ve been taught to do. Time to show and prove!

There you have it. The Big 3. I’d love to hear what your top three things are that help you reach your wellness goals. Please feel free to comment below. I’m also open to suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!

Danielle taking a walk to help her reach her wellness goals