The Importance Of Communication In Marriage

Communicate Communicate Communicate!

Ranisha Moore-Guest Blogger

Everyone says marriage is a lot of work. I do agree that it might not be the easiest at times but it isn’t a lot of work like most people say. I remember when I first got engaged to my husband there were so many negative comments about marriage in general. Now I did receive some genuine congratulatory messages but on the other hand I still had others to say “go girl congratulations but honey you can have being married.” Like, what is that to say to someone that just got engaged!!! Like the old saying goes “not everyone is going to be happy for you,” just be mindful of that!

My husband and I dated for five years and this July we will be HAPPILY married for four years. Have there been challenges? Absolutely! But we have learned to work through them. I must say that our main challenge has been communicating and that has been less on his behalf and more so on mine. I myself am a talker and don’t mind talking with my husband but I would only vent if it concerned us and our marriage. However, if something is bothering me outside of our marriage,I would harbor those feelings even though when he would ask me what was wrong, I would respond with “nothing.”

I have found that if there are instances where things are bothering me that may not even have anything to do with our marriage, I must talk to my husband about it. If I don’t, it tends to create a problem in our relationship. I now realize and understand that if I can’t talk to anyone else regardless if it concerns our marriage, I should always be able to talk to my husband. Here recently he asked if I was okay and I replied “no I’m not”. It felt so good to just tell him what was going on even though it didn’t concern us.

A successful marriage thrives on the open exchange of desires, emotions, feelings and beliefs. Without effective communication in a marriage I personally think that it will lead to a disconnect in many areas of the relationship. Poor communication can create a sense of dissatisfaction, confusion, restlessness and fear between partners. It can also lead both partners to wonder if the other person is being faithful or whether they might have found someone else.

When communicating be mindful that not only do you need to communicate negative but also positive thoughts as well. If he looks fine and scrumptious , SIS TELL HIM !!! Never hold anything back. Many may argue this point but YOUR HUSBAND IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Therefore, your husband should know everything and anything about you. No one should be able to tell your spouse something about you and vice versa.  Communication is the glue that holds marriages together. Do you want your marriage to endure the hard times? Communicate! Communicate! Communicate![/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]guest blogger


Lover of Christ wife, teacher, entrepreneur, ambassador are just a few of the titles that Ranisha B. Moore holds. Known online as “The Cost Conscious Fashionista” Ranisha Moore is a fashion and beauty influencer where her most recent work has been published at,, and Wal-Mart. Most recently she has become a motivational speaker and is a active advocate to end domestic violence from where she has her self-survived. She has shared her story with men and women alike at entitled “Purple Is for Me I Survived.” Her ultimate goal is to use her story of surviving domestic violence, as well as fashion and beauty as a catalyst to empower women to have a positive self-image and confidence. Encouraging them that you can overcome any struggle.


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4 thoughts on “The Importance Of Communication In Marriage”

  1. Great read!!! Even though I am aware of how important it is but I can say I will hold things in and not mention to him at all. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Thanks for reading. Holding things in is super easy to do but Ranisha’s advice to talk it out, no matter what it is, is so important!

  2. Communication is one of the main keys in marriage – better yet I say overcommunicate! I like when you said communication is the glue to keep the marriage strong. Very good blog post 🙂

    Also, when I say the phrase “marriage is work” I’m referring to the continual work you both need to do to keep the marriage an everlasting union. I believe any relationship requires both individuals to put forth effort to continue to keep the partnership strong and together.

    1. We agree with you and Ranisha and your stance on “marriage is work.” There are definitely different degrees of what the work looks like and all of our marriages go through seasons of change which require us to make shifts. Thanks for reading!

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