So can we just first acknowledge that January 2018 was the longest month ever in history, but 2018 as a whole resulted in a blink?! Ok. Cool.

Any who – 2018 will be over within a few weeks and as the year is wrapping up and we’re in the spin of Christmas approaching, what better time to start thinking ahead. This year has been a whirlwind. In all of the best possible ways. I tackled my first full year in the Big Apple, navigated my way through the ups and downs of Corporate America without losing my values (and sanity) and turned the big 3-0. Though so much more happened throughout this year, this pretty much sums up some of my top feats.

As I reflect on the last twelve months, I have an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. Just a small moment of transparency; being more grateful and thankful in all things was my personal mantra for 2018 and just overall, life.  I’ve worked (and still working) very hard to make sure that I slow myself down and thank God for the small and grand things He has brought into my life. It works WONDERS for your perspective and I’ve learned in this year of constant change and endless challenges, perspective is everything.

As I mentally prepare for the upcoming year, I’ve considered my 2019 mantras. After thinking of all the things I want my New Year to feel like, I’ve landed on manifestation of all things. As my mom would regularly tell us growing up, referencing one of her MANY favorite scriptures, “death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). Of course as a kid, you hear this and immediately groan with exasperation but as an adult, I’ve witnessed this to be tried and true. Words mean things and words are powerful.

This year has revealed myself to myself in so many ways. My tenacity, resilience, determination, confidence and fears. When I bottle all of those up, I want to learn more! I want to walk and manifest God’s will for my life. I want to use the tools that He has provided me to win, in all areas of life.

I have made a pact with myself that I will be mindful and intentional about my words. I will speak life into my dreams and desires. What I’ve learned is that manifestation requires belief, so along with speaking it, I will have faith that they will unfold. I encourage you to do the same! When thinking over the year, think about the moments that you’ve talked yourself out of your goals and dreams. But on the flip side, consider the moments where you talked yourself out of fear and anxiety. Your words are essential to how your life manifests and unfolds.

With the spirit of thankfulness combined with the power of manifestation, your goals are attainable and reachable. As I write this, I’m speaking it to myself! 2019 will be the year to feel more, dream bigger, more action and manifesting what God has already destined for me from the beginning.

As you’re preparing for the holidays ahead, don’t forget to gift your own self words of affirmation and manifest those desires, dreams and goals!