Teaching your child gratitude can be simplified by using the Gratitude Journal And Devotional For Kids by Jessica Lewis.

Teaching your child gratitude at an early age should be prioritized by parents and doing so in a creative, age appropriate way will help children to internalize and eventually put into practice what they are taught. Being able to teach the concept of gratitude while incorporating scripture is a win for me as a Christian parent. That is why I was excited to learn about the Gratitude Journal & Devotional For Kids by Jessica Lewis.

This resource is a wonderful teaching tool because:

It highlights concepts, ideas, and things that are relevant to children such as their favorite food, favorite things in nature, favorite colors, etc.

I have a four year old and when I began considering what gratitude journaling would look like for her, I personally struggled to conceptualize a way to get the point across. Using this book has helped me to begin the conversation in a way that Madison can understand. Not only can she understand, she can participate in a discussion around the question.

It helps to simplify the concept of gratitude and it helps children to see that the little things matter

Children need to understand that gratitude is rooted in thanksgiving. The Bible teaches us that we are to “give thanks in all things because it is the will of God”-1 Thessalonians 5:18. ALL things means ALL things! Whether it is a grand thing or something mundane, children need to learn that it is important to never take anything for granted.


It helps children to learn and apply the Word of God

Helping children to grow in their knowledge of the scripture is important at an early age. The book poses a question and follows up with an accompanying scripture. They are then asked to reflect on what they learned from the scripture. Helping children to build a Biblical foundation in a way that is accessible is critical. And don’t worry! They may not fully understand the scriptures in this moment but planting the seed is the first step. A harvest will definitely be the end result.


It emphasizes the importance or developing a prayer life

A simple prayer follows each journaling activity and scripture. After children read that prayer, they are then able to record their own prayer that they can voice. Learning how to prayer real and simple prayers at an early age can help them understand that they have access to the Heavenly Father and that He will hear them and answer them.

It helps to personally convict me in the area of modeling gratitude

Using this book has helped me to put things in perspective as a parent. Modeling is a best practice with regard to teaching and instruction. If I practice what I preach, Madison is more likely to buy in. I have realized that there are areas where I need to display an attitude of gratitude with intent.


Here are a few ways to differentiate for children ages 3-5:

  1. Read the questions and prayers to them
  2. Allow them to draw a picture to represent what they are grateful for
  3. If they are able to write, scribe their response on a separate sheet of paper and allow them to duplicate it on a separate sheet of paper.


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