Teaching Children Practical Steps To Deal With Stress

Teaching Children Practical Steps To Deal With Stress Is Important


Children are dealing with stress inducing situations more frequently and a lot sooner than we did when we were coming up.  As a Christian I believe in praying for and covering Madison. I have also started teaching her how to speak over herself according to the Word of God. Check out my sister Felicia’s recent post “Affirmations for Kids: Rooted in Truth.”  I highly encourage parents to help their children find their identity in Christ first and foremost.

Affirmations for Kids: Rooted in Truth

We also live in a real world and our children will be faced with real issues. I believe that is our responsibility to teach our children practical ways to deal with stress in their lives. Here are three ways to ways to help you get started:


Help Your Children Identify the Problem

Parents should talk to their children daily. Creating an open line of communication at an early age is critical. It is important for children to feel like they can talk to their parents about everything. If children are talking about situations often, this may be something that is causing stress for them.  For some children, having a parent or trusted adult to talk to can make all the difference in the world.


Help Your Children Identify Their Feelings

As parents we need to help children understand that feelings are normal. Parents should also help their child identify their feelings. Feeling sad, angry, lonely, afraid, embarrassed, etc. are all real feelings that children may be experiencing. Parent should not diminish the feelings that their children may be experiencing. Acknowledging our children’s feelings and how they may be creating additional stress for our children is critical.


Help Your Children Problem Solve

Now that you have helped your child identify the problem and their feelings, it is important that we help them problem solve. For younger children, problem solving may require the involvement of other significant adults such as caregivers. Older children may need help with identifying who they can seek out for guidance. I think that ALL children can be taught the importance of making good choices even in adverse situations. Problem solving may also entail helping your children find a healthy outlets that can help reduce stress.

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