Spring Cleaning: Tips for Moms


Now it’s time to tackle the toy room.  Listed below are some basic questions to help you sort through their toys.

  1. When is the last time they played with this toy?
  2. How often do they play with that toy?
  3. How many of these toys do we have? Ex. Cars, baby dolls, hot wheels track sets
  4. Are these toys still age appropriate?
  5. Do they need this toy?
  6. Does this toy have all its pieces?

As your children get older I believe that getting them involved in this purging process is very important.  It teaches them responsibility, gratitude and the importance of giving.   Oftentimes our children forget how blessed they are and we never want them to take that for granted.  The easiest way to do this is to have them help in the purging process and making sure that they are giving from the best and not the worst.  Some toys just need to be thrown out.


My son, Matthew, is finishing up kindergarten. I am so grateful for his teacher and how they are pushing him to learn and grasp new concepts…..but does grasping new concepts mean tons of worksheets, coloring sheets and projects.  Absolutely!!!  The following questions will help me decide on what to keep.   If I answer “yes” to any of these questions it will go into the keep file and the remaining worksheets will be discarded. Please note I would only keep 2-3 worksheets from the previous week.

  1. Does the worksheet introduce new concepts such as money, writing a sentence, math, etc?
  2. Does it show progression with tasks such as writing, reading comprehension, etc.?
  3. Are there multiple worksheets covering the same topic?  If so, choose one worksheet to save.
  4. Are the crafts and projects holiday or theme related such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers Day, etc.?
  5. Does the worksheet provide an outline what your child learned throughout the week?

Once I answer those questions I should be able to pare down Matthew’s mountain of schoolwork and file it into a neat, organized binder.

So mama friends there you have it some things to consider as you continue to spring clean.  I hope you’re able to take some of these tips and utilize them to make life easier, cleaner and less cluttered.

I know it might be a bit too late but in my household spring-cleaning is still a thing.  We will have the carpets cleaned, dust the furniture, mop the floors, sort through tons of papers and clean off the pool table.  Work still needs to be done but I am shifting gears to the tallest task of all….children spring-cleaning tasks.  I had an epiphany.  If I do the spring-cleaning tasks associated with my children then it will take care of 75% of the total spring-cleaning tasks.  So today I am going to discuss three specific areas that will hopefully help you get organized and cleaned.

Children’s clothing

I have three children, Matthew is 6 and the twins are 3.  As you can imagine we have mounds and mounds of clothes.  The steps listed below will help me get and stay on task.

  1. Remove and bag up all their old clothes.  Think of someone to give the clothes too or donate to your local Goodwill. If you are saving them then purchasing some great storage units and labeling them by size and gender will help you prepare when you are ready to use again.
  2. Get out your notepad and make these lists: what they have, what they need and what are some splurge items.  Why write it down? When we purchase items we want to avoid buying three pairs of the same khakis.
  3. Time to plan!  Go online, pick up circulars, take note of Old Navy commercials and visit stores to get the best bargains for your family. Don’t forget consignment sales!  Be sure to read my tips on consignment sales from a previous post.

Food for thought: most sales occur in the offseason so ideally you would like to keep a running list of things that your child will need.  It’s during the offseason that you can rack up on items and store them for the next season.

Felicia Tucker

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