Spring Break: 6 Fun Ideas for Young Kids

Spring break is finally here and I have been in the lab preparing for the past month. Matthew our five year old and our two-year old twins, Madelyn and Ethan will be at home with me for an entire week. At first it caused some panic because 1. What are we going to do, 2. How much is this going to cost and 3. Is there something age appropriate for all of my kids to enjoy at the same time? After I gathered myself and took a nap I realized that it could be done. All it took was a little planning, some creativity and attention to detail of what my kids enjoy. I don’t want to keep you waiting…this is our Spring Break 2019 plan..Tucker style.

Well before I get into the details there is one activity that will be consistent throughout the week. Matthew is in kindergarten and I want him to remain sharp as he is making great strides with reading, writing and his sight words, so everyday we will have a 10-minute academic break. Matthew can choose whether it will be in the morning or afternoon but it must be done daily. His choices consist of us reading together, writing down his sight words, completing a Highlights activity page or doing some simple math. I think this is important because we want to always encourage learning, a love for reading and to keep his mind fresh. For us 10 minutes is enough because after all he is on Spring Break!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Here is the line up:

Monday: Tucker Art Studio

As I mentioned before all of our children will be home and I want to cater to their individual personalities and desires. Madelyn loves all things dealing with crayons, paint, and drawing. So on Monday we will turn our garage into our very own art studio. Our morning will start out with a trip to Hobby Lobby where we will purchase craft paper, poster board, new paint brushes, maybe some smocks (trash bags work as well), masking tape and other supplies that will allow their creative juices to flow. Our all-purpose Spider-Man table will serve as our artist station. An old black flat sheet will catch any paint or glitter that might hit the floor and I will stand back and watch the magic happen. This activity is sure to be fun, creative and messy, which to me sounds like Spring Break.

Tuesday: Errand Day

Believe it or not my kids love running errands. So I am going to take advantage of completing my weekend tasks on Tuesday, which will free up more time on Saturday and Sunday. Kroger, Target and the farmers market will be our stops and my helper Matthew will be my special assistant. The rest of the day will be rest and relaxation. Over the years I’ve learned that these two things are just as important as planned activities.

Wednesday: Story-time and Lunch

Every Wednesday at 10:30 our local library does story-time for toddlers and preschoolers. For those moms who work outside the home this is an opportunity to participate in a cool activity that oftentimes miss due to work. This isn’t your ordinary story-time because it comes complete with songs, books and an awesome craft. Ethan absolutely loves books and he can cut a rug. So Ethan today is your special day! Story-time lasts for an hour, which leads us straight into lunch. For anyone who knows my kids and I our favorite place to grab a quick lunch is Chick-fil-A. This works as a treat for all three kids because they love their nuggets, fries and juice. I know, I know it’s not the healthiest option but we did go to the farmers market yesterday.

Thursday: Park Palooza

In our family we have a tradition of finding new parks on the weekends in the summer. This week we are going to see how many new parks we can find and conquer in and eight-hour day. This is going to require careful planning and iPhone maps to make sure our trip is efficient and avoids traffic jams. We do live in metro Atlanta and there traffic is all day. Daunting, yes! Crazy, no doubt because this cuts right into naptime. Doable, absolutely! In addition, we will have a nice picnic lunch complete with a blanket, cooler, food and drinks. In addition, we might have a special guest…..daddy/husband Tucker.

Friday: Indoor Park/Activity Center

We have saved the best for last. Our oldest son Matthew loves to run, jump, skip, bound, leap….you get my point and he talks nonstop about Skyzone. So why not oblige him and end the week on a high note. We have been twice and every time he finds something new to try and conquer. We will be participating in toddler time because the twins will be joining us. Toddler time is awesome because it is restricted by age, which means my mommy safety radar isn’t as heighten and the twins can have a good time as well. For Matthew he can jump to his hearts content, work on his best Jordan like dunk and everyone can tire themselves out for an epic nap when we get home. After all what is Spring Break without a nap for both mommy and children.

Saturday: Family Day Trip

We will get up on Saturday morning, load up the SVU and hit the road for a trip to Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is just 107 miles away making it easy on everyone because “are we there yet” starts to surface around the three hour mark. We chose Ruby Falls because it’s different, relatively close, beautiful and inexpensive. Oftentimes there is so much to see in our own backyards that gets overlooked for grand getaways to the beach or mountains that can become monotonous. So check out what’s around you that you can explore with your family and make memories that will last a lifetime.

So there you have it Spring Break 2019: Tucker style. To close the week out I’m going to do what the Lord commanded: rest….well after church.

Felicia Tucker

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