Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms

Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms

As a new mom life comes at you fast.  You are learning something new about your sweet baby and yourself every day.  Those first few months can be quite challenging but the rewards are great.  While on maternity leave I received some great practical gifts. I wanted to share them with you and maybe inspire you to give a new mommy in your life maybe one or two of the gifts listed below.

Gift idea 1: Comfy Robe

This seems so simple but a great robe goes a long way. I’m not talking about any kind of robe but one that is made with high-quality cotton.  The kind of cotton robe that is warm, soft, and oftentimes seen in spa.  Why a robe?  As a new mom, our first months are filled with nurturing a new life and adjusting to our new bodies.  A robe provides both function and comfort for both of these tasks.  You can easily slip it on when your baby wakes in the middle of the night to nurse or if you’re just lounging around the house and not worried about your clothes matching.  I was given a robe by a dear friend and three years later it’s still one of my favorite gifts.

Gift idea 2: Meals

The beauty of gifting meals is it can be done in a variety of ways.  Between our son and twins, we’ve received meals prepared by friends, delivered from a meal service, or prepared in our home.  It doesn’t matter the method, prepared food is a gift that all new moms willingly accept.  Meals that can be frozen are great options.  Casseroles and covered dishes are a plus.  As always make sure that you ask about any food allergies and if the mom is nursing. There are certain gassy foods that nursing moms want to avoid to prevent the baby from being gassy.  Also, it never hurts to ask about food likes and dislikes.  By taking care of the meals you are making sure that she is fed and you have removed a big task off of her to-do list.

Gift idea 3: Cleaning service

The last thing on the to-do list but oftentimes the first thing on a new mom’s mind is cleaning the house.  I remember the floors needed to be vacuumed, the furniture dusted and the bathrooms cleaned.  I did not have the energy or will to get up and clean but with my type A personality it had to be done.  With my first child, I got it done but with the twins, I received a gift card for a cleaning service and the rest is history.  Again for new moms, it’s about taking care of the baby and allowing the rest (house cleaning) to fall by the wayside.  If you can’t afford to gift a cleaning service then maybe you can come over and spruce up the house for your friend.

Gift idea 4: Friendship

This is one gift that outweighs all the money in the world, the gift of friendship.  New moms and all moms need friends and particularly good mommy friends.  Check out One of life’s greatest gifts.  With my first child, I relied on my mom and a dear girlfriend a lot.  I had tons of questions which they answered and they provided reassurance and encouragement.  Some friends would stop by just so I could grab a quick shower or take a power nap.  They would come and hold Matthew which would allow me to eat or do whatever my heart desired.  Being a new mom can oftentimes feel lonely because the nights are long and the days can be challenging if you are sleep deprived.  Human interaction, companionship, and friendship help to lighten the load and your mood.  Call your new mommy friend today.  She will be glad you did.

While these gifts might seem simple their impact is large.  Oftentimes we look for the extravagant and grandiose when sometimes we just need thoughtful and practical.  I believe the gifts mentioned above will be appreciated and treasured by any new mom.  Share with us the best gift you received as a new mom.


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