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At Home Christmas Gift Guide For Every Woman

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Its a time for giving and receiving gifts so I am  joining in on the Gift Guide fun with an At-Home twist. I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here. What a year, right? We’ve experienced so much and the majority of us have been at home managing it all. Ladies we have been working hard all year long so as you begin shopping for others, use the following at-home Christmas Gift Guide for Every Woman to create your wish list. You deserve it! Treat yourself!     This Gift Guide is broken down into categories that Every Woman can relate to  and use right in the comfort of  home Rest And RelaxationSpa DayKitchenWellnessFitnessOrganizationTech Gadgets *All of the gift ideas are linked in this post and can be purchased at Amazon.   Click on each image for additional information:               I hope you found this post useful and that it will help you form your well-deserved wish list!   Interested in additional Christmas content, check out Felicia’s latest blog post:   45 Christmas traditions to do with your family  This post contains great ideas to help you refine, recreate, or adopt new Christmas Traditions.   Merry Christmas!     

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Fear of uncertainty

How to Let Go of the Fear of Uncertainty

  Hi, my name is Felicia and I am learning how to overcome the fear of uncertainty.  Over the past year, I have been on a journey of valleys, mountains, valleys, and did I mention valleys.  If there is one thing that I have learned it’s that life is full of uncertainties and moments in which you have no clue which way to turn.  Well friend I have learned a few lessons along the way that I hope will help you through life’s certain uncertainties.  I remember it was a Friday in March and I was called into my new boss’s office.  I was feeling pretty confident because I just knew that my work and reputation would speak for itself so my job was safe.  Well as the meeting concluded it finally dawned on me that they were not going to renew my contract.  My new boss wanted to start afresh which meant I was out the door.  I went back to my then office and just stood in the middle of the floor.  I was fired.  I felt helpless, numb and the fear of uncertainty gripped my heart.  This seemingly perfect world that I had built was now crashing and burning.  So I had no job and no clue what was next.  The only thing I knew to do was to call my husband. Prayer For the believer, prayer is a vital part of our relationship with the Father.  Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated or scripted.  My prayer that day was simply, “Lord help me”!  The fear of uncertainty had a grip on my heart, mind, and soul and I needed to be rescued. Remember prayer is simply communication between you and your Heavenly Father.  He wants to hear from you and we need to hear from Him.  As believers, we see that Jesus was always communicating with his Father.  He would sneak away from the disciples and crowds to receive instruction, encouragement, and to be filled up so that he can continue to care for others.  I imagine that they discussed everything!  That is so encouraging because our prayers should be about everything.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  I Peter 5:7 Pray continually.  I Thessalonians 5:17 I believe he tells us this because of l all the ups and downs that life brings.  So whenever a feeling a doubt, uneasiness, or fear tries to grip you get quiet and go directly to your Father.  He’s waiting.  Remove distractions I remember when I was fired from my job, I was so embarrassed and mortified.  I did not want to see anyone or speak to anyone.  That dynamic created an awesome opportunity to remove distractions.  Distractions such as social media, text messages, phone calls, group chats and did I say social media.  Now let me be clear I’m not saying shut yourself off from the world.  I am encouraging you to create space for praying, thinking, decompressing, and breathing.  The fear of the unknown can cloud your ability to make great, rational decisions.  Usually, if I am uncertain about something I want to rectify the situation as soon as possible.  Oftentimes we need to take a step back to reassess before we make a decision.  Many times we do not allow ourselves to do that because of distractions.  Those things vie for our attention when what we really need is laser-sharp wisdom and guidance.  The main thing that we need when facing uncertainty is wisdom from our Heavenly Father.  The only way that we can receive it is through intentional time spent in the Word and prayer.  Decide to put first things first!  Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the in that so easily entangles.  Hebrews 12:1 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.  James 1:5 Continue to dream and plan I remember feeling like my goals, dreams, and aspirations were destroyed when I got fired.  Fear of uncertainty can cause you to stop and feel stuck.  Why?  You are not sure what to do. There might be skepticism or anxiety swirling around your next steps.  Fear hinders forward progression, while faith causes us to move forward.  It was during those days of uncertainty that I had to choose to continue to keep going.  There were moments when I just wanted to hide under the covers but my faith in Christ kept me going.  Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  Hebrews 11:1 I had to remind myself to revisit my aspirations.  I could not allow one setback combined with fear to prevent me from putting one foot in front of the other.  Dreaming, planning, creating are the antithesis of fear.  Friend if you feel stuck because you are unsure of your next move or fearful of what might happen…..grab a pen and paper.  I want to encourage you to get quiet, remove distractions, pray, and dream.  Dream big and write down where you want to go, who you want to be, and how you’re going to get there.  Don’t stop…keep moving! Put your trust in the Lord Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6   These words are so true and it is one of my life’s mottos.  I thought I was trusting the Lord but it wasn’t until I felt like I hit rock bottom that it was tested.  During those days I found myself questioning why this happened but immediately I was reminded that He was with me.  Christ never left me and because of that my trust and dependence on Him grew.  I had to trust that He had my next steps

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45 Christmas traditions

45 Christmas traditions to do with your family

In our family, Christmas traditions are a big deal.  We love everything about Christmas and try to cherish every moment of the holiday season.  This is the time of year where spending time with loved ones and making memories become extra special.  We want to help you make this Christmas the best one yet by sharing some of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions. Throw a cookie party. I’m talking cookie cutters, sprinkles, icing, and chocolate chips. Watch all three reversions of the Grinch. Break out Elf on the Shelf!  Make sure you to put him in a Serve an awesome Christmas dinner with a fancy honey ham or roast. Visit a Christmas tree farm to cut down your own Christmas tree. Make homemade hot chocolate, don’t skimp on the marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Make a big Christmas morning breakfast, be sure to include French toast casserole. Open one gift on Christmas Eve. Make popcorn and cranberry garland.  Try this it’s super easy: https://www.saltycanary.com/diy-old-fashioned-cranberry-popcorn-garland/ Adopt a family for Christmas and shower them with love. Take the kids to have their pictures taken with Santa Clause. Read the entire Christmas story in Luke. Take a family photo in matching pajamas. Keep a half-gallon of eggnog in the refrigerator. Have a movie night watching Christmas classics with plenty of snacks. Host a fancy Christmas party at your home with an awesome charcuterie tray. Learn about other cultural holidays such as Kwanza and Hanukkah. Watch Home Alone 1, 2, and 3. Find homes decorated with spectacular Christmas lights in your local area. Purchase a collectible ornament for each family member. Attend your city’s tree lighting ceremony. Only play Christmas music while at home, purchase a new album, or play your tried and true favorites. Decorate and put up your tree on December 1. String Christmas lights in your home.  We like to put up lights in the living room, along the fireplace and this year my goal is to put them in the kid’s room. Watch A Christmas Story at least two times during the 24-hour marathon on Christmas Eve. Pucker up under the mistletoe. Wait to wrap all the gifts on Christmas Eve then pass out at 2 am only wake up and open gifts at 6 am. Watch The Preachers Wife with Whitney Houston and sing all the songs out loud. Put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Send Christmas cards to your family and friends. Make sure to have the kids sign their names. Visit your local Ángel tree to give the gift of love to a child in your community Visit a local senior living community and spread some Christmas cheer with the residents. Have a gingerbread decorating contest with your family. Purchase a ready-made kit and let your creative juices flow! Read an Advent devotional daily with your family.   The Bible app, You Version, has tons of advent devotionals that are free. Spend time doing a Christmas devotion filled with prayer, singing a Christmas carol, and reading the Christmas story prior to opening gifts on Christmas morning. Find a spot to go ice skating outdoors.  The keyword is outdoors because there is nothing better than bundling up to skate and then enjoying a mug of hot chocolate after a great day on the ice. Pack up and head to the grandparent’s house. Nobody does Christmas better than grandpa and grandma. Purchase at least one poinsettia to decorate your home.  Watch the classics, Miracle on 34th street and It’s a Wonderful Life as a family. Get crafty and make homemade snowflakes and paint ornaments then use them to decorate your house. Bake, bake, bake and then give your homemade bread, cookies, and pies as gifts. Get a tin of triple flavor popcorn. Mix the caramel and cheddar together. You will not be disappointed! Have at least one slice of fruitcake.  I know what you thinking but one slice will not hurt you. Light a candle every night for any loved ones that are no longer with us as a way to cherish their memory. Remember that Christmas is about giving and spending time with those that you love. Each day spend a bit more time with your loved ones. Let us know which Christmas traditions you will be sharing with your family this year.  Merry Christmas and have fun!!

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15 fun, creative and affordable kids activities

If your kids are anything like mine then you know that they are balls of non-stop energy.  Check out our 15 fun, creative and affordable activities that require nothing more than space and time.  Both you and your kids are guaranteed to have a great time. Family Friendly Bake – brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes and pies. Most of these items are very reasonably priced and what’s better than baking with your little ones. Assemble a puzzle – this is a great activity for kids of all ages because they come in differing levels of difficulty. You’re having fun and practicing your critical thinking skills. Get a head start on your spring cleaning! The gang is all here. Give each child an assignment and then make it a competition to see who will do the best job, the fastest. Board games – a family favorite is Memory and Uno. The classics are all reasonably priced at your local Target or Walmart. Family devotion – it doesn’t have to be long just impactful and age-appropriate. Fostering a love for the Word of God and prayer starts in the home. Movie night – choose a great movie, pop some popcorn, pour up your favorite sugary drink, and sit back and enjoy. Service Community service – get creative! Pack lunches at home and deliver them to your favorite shelter. Clean out those closets and toy rooms, bag the items up and give them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Write a letter or color a picture for their grandparents – Grandparents love to hear from their favorite people…their grandkids. Writing a letter is a lost art that speaks volumes about how you feel about someone. Let’s show grandparents that we love them. Out and About Playground hunt – search your city, town or neighborhood for a new park or playground. Take a trip to your favorite arts and crafts store – we love Hobby Lobby because it is stocked with everything that you need for an awesome project whether it’s making a t shirt or painting on construction paper.  Let their imagination soar! Hands-on Photo album refresh – all those photos in your cloud, on your phone or in an email….print them! Once they are printed hang, frame or organize them in a new photo album. Make slime – easy to make, super affordable and you probably have most of the supplies at home. Movement Play hide and go seek – a classic go-to game that only requires places to hide and you can play inside or outside your home. Put on a concert– “Alexa play…..”. Turn it up and sing as loud as you want. Grab some “mics” and put on your best show. We hope that you will try at least one activity from each category.  We would love to hear how you keep your crew going!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  

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Teaching Your Child Gratitude

Teaching your child gratitude can be simplified by using the Gratitude Journal And Devotional For Kids by Jessica Lewis.  Teaching your child gratitude at an early age should be prioritized by parents and doing so in a creative, age-appropriate way will help children to internalize and eventually put into practice what they are taught. Being able to teach the concept of gratitude while incorporating scripture is a win for me as a Christian parent. That is why I was excited to learn about the Gratitude Journal & Devotional For Kids by Jessica Lewis. This resource is a wonderful teaching tool because: It highlights concepts, ideas, and things that are relevant to children such as their favorite food, favorite things in nature, favorite colors, etc. I have a four-year-old and when I began considering what gratitude journaling would look like for her, I personally struggled to conceptualize a way to get the point across. Using this book has helped me to begin the conversation in a way that Madison can understand. Not only can she understand, she can participate in a discussion around the question. It helps to simplify the concept of gratitude and it helps children to see that the little things matter Children need to understand that gratitude is rooted in thanksgiving. The Bible teaches us that we are to “give thanks in all things because it is the will of God”-1 Thessalonians 5:18. ALL things means ALL things! Whether it is a grand thing or something mundane, children need to learn that it is important to never take anything for granted.   It helps children to learn and apply the Word of God Helping children to grow in their knowledge of the scripture is important at an early age. The book poses a question and follows up with an accompanying scripture. They are then asked to reflect on what they learned from the scripture. Helping children to build a Biblical foundation in a way that is accessible is critical. And don’t worry! They may not fully understand the scriptures in this moment but planting the seed is the first step. A harvest will definitely be the end result. It emphasizes the importance or developing a prayer life A simple prayer follows each journaling activity and scripture. After children read that prayer, they are then able to record their own prayer that they can voice. Learning how to prayer real and simple prayers at an early age can help them understand that they have access to the Heavenly Father and that He will hear them and answer them. It helps to personally convict me in the area of modeling gratitude Using this book has helped me to put things in perspective as a parent. Modeling is a best practice with regard to teaching and instruction. If I practice what I preach, Madison is more likely to buy in. I have realized that there are areas where I need to display an attitude of gratitude with intent.   Here are a few ways to differentiate for children ages 3-5: Read the questions and prayers to them Allow them to draw a picture to represent what they are grateful for If they are able to write, scribe their response on a separate sheet of paper and allow them to duplicate it on a separate sheet of paper.   Purchase Jessica Lewis’ book now and get 25% off at: www.kidsgratitudejournals.com/25off

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daily routine

Five Moments Every Woman Should Add To Their Daily Routine

Establishing a daily routine and maintaining a daily routine are two very different things.  So this year I wanted to get myself together in many ways. I realized that I haven’t done the best job of creating and remaining consistent so I have been working on making these five moments a part of my daily routine.   A Moment of Prayer Recently I was convicted in this area while listening to a message on Surrender from Dr. Charles Stanley. He’s one of my favs but he keeps it REAL. You can pray anywhere at any time which is typically my practice but kneeling to pray takes intentionality. I am making more effort daily to surrender in prayer. I find that I am able to focus more and position myself to hear from God during this time.     2. A Moment of Devotion I have also decided that I need to spend more time in the Word. I’m a big fan of devotionals. I actually posted a blog about You Version Bible Plans last year.This year I made a goal to read through the entire Bible and so far I am on track! I find that taking this time out on a daily basis helps me to refocus and realign myself.       A Moment of Physical Activity Ok! This is the area that I fall short with most often BUT I am learning not to overcomplicate it. I do not like to exercise but I have found a few apps that are helping me to set aside 10-15 minutes a day to move my body. I can also rely on moving throughout the building at work to get in a few steps AND taking Madison outside for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood is a reliable source of physical activity as well.     A Moment of Maintenance By maintenance I am referring to some form of regimen that helps to preserve and rejuvenate your body. It could be skin care, hair care, nail care. For me, it’s skincare. My skin is typically not troublesome but I have noticed that I am struggling with dryness and dark spots. I commit to cleansing and exfoliating my skin regularly and moisturizing my skin especially my feet and hands. We get one body so we owe it to ourselves to take care of it!     A Moment of Silence We all deserve a moment of complete peace and quiet. For me, it is a necessity. I work in a very demanding environment and I don’t want to give my job more of me than I do my family so I leave one job to come home and do the most important job as a wife and mother. I ritually burn an aromatherapy candle or essential oils at least 10-15 minutes before I put Madison down. It helps to calm the house. Once I get her in bed, I will typically sit on the bed with the tv off and my phone on the dresser to decompress. I find that taking this moment helps me to prepare my body to rest better at night.   So Ladies, join me in adding these five moments to your daily routine. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish everyone daily. I would actually encourage you to pick one or two that you know you need to be more consistent with and add on from there. Progress not Perfection, right! If you enjoyed this post, you may also like:  20 At-Home Self Care Options For Busy Women    

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6 Bible verses to use when life gets tough

Plan A As believers, our secret weapon is the Bible, especially when life gets tough.  When life gets tough who or what do we look too?  When  If we are keeping it real…I know for me scripture can oftentimes be my last option. My standard response is to shut down, eat, and sleep. While this provides some temporary relief it does not bring any hope, joy or peace.  So…I had to make some changes. When life gets real… For the past year, my husband and I have had to navigate some tough and uncertain times.  We have seen the loss of jobs, loss of friends, death of family members, financial changes and the list could go on and on.  As a type-A personality type who likes to have control over every part of my life, these challenges created a bit of anxiety and worry in my life.  During the middle of the storm, which if I am honest continues to brew, I must have something to hold onto. Although I have been a believer since I was five my walk with Christ has never been tested in such a real way. This past year I believe my faith has grown because of the tests and my willingness to search the Bible for answers and hope.   He has equipped us with everything that we need but it’s up to us to do the work. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take YOUR stand against the devil’s schemes.  Ephesians 6:10-11 Are you willing to do the work? Why do we need the Bible? Throughout the Bible there are countless accounts of men and women who faced challenging and downright hard times. David was chased and hunted down by a paranoid king. The book of Psalm gives a detailed blueprint of the emotional rollercoaster that was David’s life.  His days were filed with great joy, sorrow, disappointment and shame. Hannah, Samuel’s mother, was barren and desired child. To make matters worse her husbands other wife, Peninnah, ridiculed her to the point where she wouldn’t eat (1 Samuel 1:7) because she was childless. Jesus, our beloved Savior and son of God, was no stranger to tough times. He died as an innocent man for the sins of the entire world. That means He died for me and you, for our past, present and future mistakes. These stories were not included in the Bible just for us to read over and forget. They are given to us as gifts (see Hebrews 12) and as reminders that we 1. We are not alone and 2. The Lord is faithful in every situation. Rooted in truth: Bible verses for tough times Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress I will never be shaken.  Psalm 62:6 Application: Jesus Christ is a sure foundation so we can depend on him when we feel uncertain, confused, disappointed or lost. The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in my spirit.  Psalm 34:18 Application: He is always near even when we feel at our lowest and loneliest moments. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us and eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes on not what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 Application: We have an eternal hope and future that will last forever. Let us keep our eyes on the one who knows our beginning and end.   The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. Habakkuk 3:19 Application: We are going to face some tough situations where it feels like our footing is ensured but the Lord will strengthen us through His power to navigate those times.  It will not be in our strength but through His strength, power, and guidance. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though it’s waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.  Psalm 46:1-3 Application: He is always there! He will never shy away from hard, challenging, or bad situations. Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.  Isaiah 43:18-19 Application: Like the old folks used to say….”Trouble don’t last always”!  God is the ultimate creator and maker of new things.  Be encouraged that this is not where you will remain, have an eternal focus, and realize that He makes all things new! Final Thoughts For the believer the Word of God provides encouragement, correction, admonishment, examples and most importantly hope.  Be encouraged during these tough times and know that your heavenly Father sees you and knows your story.  Lean on and into His word because that is where life begins.  

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alphabet mat bundle

Curriculum And Culture: Arete Academy Alphabet Mat Bundle

Arete Academy Alphabet Mat Bundle Infuses Creativity, Culture, and Curriculum for children ages 3-5 I truly believe and embody the fact that I am Madison’s first teacher. As we approach Kindergarten, I am always seeking out materials and opportunities to work with her at home to ensure that she will have a running start especially in the area of literacy. Letter and sound recognition are building blocks for reading. Writing is also an extremely important component for success in Kindergarten. Finding creative ways for her to practice these skills at home has become a priority.  I also believe that children learn best when they are able to identify with the curriculum and/or materials used to enforce the curriculum. When I learned about the Alphabet Mat Bundle by Arete Academy, I knew that I had to add it to our toolbox. It enforces letter/sound recognition and writing in a culturally creative format for children ages 3-5. The Alphabet Mat Bundle is available in both hard copy and digital format.  Each bundle features: -Uppercase and lowercase letters -Pre-printed letters for sight recognition and as a guide -traceable letters -create-the-letters section -writing section We chose the digital format and as a mother and an Educator, I would recommend it to other parents of children between the ages of 3-5 for the following reasons:   1. The digital download allows me to print the practice sheets as needed Madison’s attention span, like most four year olds, is emerging. I have to create realistic expectations around what we can get done at home whether it is on a weeknight or even a weekend. I can print the practice mat for her to say and write the letter along with either the flash card or the writing section for enrichment . We can go in sequence or I can check her take-home folder at school and/or check in with her teacher to determine whether or not there are letters/letter sounds that we need to revisit.             2. Madison can work independently This is important for her growth and development as she approaches Kindergarten. Learning how to listen to and follow directions is an important skill for all children. I can tell her what she needs to do, have her repeat it to me, and leave her to get it done. I do my best to work with her when we have uninterrupted time but there are days when I need to multitask (i.e. cook dinner, complete a task for work, household chores, etc.). The practice activity ensure that we both feel a sense of accomplishment!   3.The activities include pictures and other representations of our culture Representation matters. This aspect of the alphabet mat bundle was most appealing because as a Black mother it is important for me to make sure that my child has opportunities to see pictures, people, and other related things that are reflective of our culture. I want Madison to be proud of her Ancestry, Brown skin, and Curly-Coily Hair as a little Black girl.  She’s always excited to see the pictures that accompany each letter. This makes me feel great as a mother because not only is she learning, she is enjoying what she’s learning.   Are you interested in learning more about Arete Academy? Visit their website at: www.areteacad.org Also, the Alphabet Mat Bundle in both the digital and reusable format can be purchased with the following discount code(s) through March 15th: FORDGIRLS30 for 30% off the digital version FORDGIRLS20  for 20% off the print version (this will include a dry erase folder and free shipping)  

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Creating Balance Creates Peace and Harmony

I’ve grown tremendously in the nine years that I have been married. I’m sure there were seasons in our marriage when my husband was on the brink of sleeping on the “corner of the roof”. For us, life took off fast! I had to immediately learn how to balance mommy life and wife life. I have a bonus son and just after our first anniversary we welcomed our first daughter. Amid it all, I was also an ambitious career woman who wore many other hats in my community. I struggled to balance my competing priorities during the early years of our marriage.  I desired to be an amazing wife who cooked, helpmate, and ensured we had our quality husband and wife time.  On the other hand, I wanted to be an amazing mom who spent as much time with my kids as possible. I found myself dropping the ball all over the place and I became frustrated and irritable. Sadly, my husband took the brunt of my frustration.  My actions were that of the Proverbs 25 wife, quarrelsome.  I was quick to argue out of frustration and burn out.   Looking back on this season, I realized that my life lacked balance and the appropriate systems in place for me to succeed in my roles.  Here are 4 ways to create balance so you can have a peaceful and harmonious marriage.   Prioritize your Husband I’m a planner mom.  I love planning out my months, weeks, and days.  I noticed that I would plan my kid’s activities, work priorities, personal commitments and there was rarely anything planned for our marriage.  I’ve since made changes and now I ensure we have scheduled family discussions, date nights, and activities. Prioritizing your marriage sets the tone for a productive marriage.  Remember this cadence, God. Husband. Children! If you remember this hierarchy it will help you to balance your competing priorities. Minimize Frustration Frustration also has a compounding effect when left unchecked. The more you dwell in your frustration the more quarrelsome you can become. Recognize what triggers your frustration and implement ways to mitigate them. You can start by focusing on your mindset.  When you are feeling overwhelmed focus on what is going right and divert attention from what may be going wrong.  This simple adjustment is powerful. Balance Balance is not a bad word.  We can create balance by being intentional with the activities, responsibilities and the commitments you take on.  Ensure commitments align with your goals, family goals, and objectives for the current season.  It is equally important for husbands and wives to be on one accord in terms of what balance looks like for their family. As a bonus, look for opportunities to streamline your daily routines.  Take a week or two and evaluate your processes for cooking, cleaning etc. and look for opportunities to streamline and reduce the stress related to those activities. When you find yourself tipping the balance scales of wife life, mommy life, work, etc, pivot and adjust quickly. Give yourself Grace to Grow Allow your marriage and your life to evolve and grow. Focus on the season that you are in a grow through your challenges.  Take mental note of the lessons learned so that you won’t repeat them in future season. Once you find your rhythm you will enjoy a more peaceful and harmonious marriage. Debranetta Howard is the founder of Career Mom Community, a support community, blog and educational hub focused on providing resources and strategies for working moms to be successful in all areas of their lives.  Her mission is to help moms from all backgrounds to navigate life strategically for the benefit of their families and professional goals. Mrs. Howard also provides coaching and consulting to ambitious moms in need of action plans and road maps that lead down a path of both growth and development.Mrs. Howard has been featured on numerous Podcast and has delivered her keynote speech, “The Truth About Balance for Working Moms and Mompreneurs” to audiences along the east coast.  You can follow Career Mom Community on FB and follow Debranetta on IG at CoachD_theCareerMom.  

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