Witnessing my older sisters move through their journey of motherhood has been an amazing experience.  Reading their perspectives on their individual experiences only adds to my respect and admiration for them. I can vividly remember when they both revealed their pregnancies and each moment all of my nieces and nephews were born. The amount of joy that those little lives have created in our family is unexplainable! As my sisters became moms, my parents became grandparents and Kirsten and I, aunties. It’s amazing how life works and all of the transitions and titles you take on as you continue to float along. While watching my sisters become mothers, my regard for our own mother has intensified like none other. The selflessness, unconditional love and strength that is required to be a mother is frightening to consider but an exciting thought to know that I’ll have the same opportunity to be in the same league as the greats before me.

Naturally, being the next one in line, it feels like I have a glaring sign over my head flashing the words “soooo, are you ready yet??”. Thankfully, I’m blessed to have a family who doesn’t hound me (excessively) on the awkward topic of marriage and kids. To be clear, I’m thrilled of the idea that one day, just like my sisters, I’ll transition into a wife and mom; at my own speed is the caveat. It’s a bit frightening to be honest… The thought that a little human will depend on me for everything. EVERYTHING?! God bless. I commend all the women who have paved the way before me.

Make no mistake, I relish at the insanely fun job of being an Auntie to my lovebug nieces and nephews. It is by far, one my favorite titles. But with that comes the pressure of ticking time bomb of finding a mate, marrying that mate and creating some little mate babies. Both my mom and sisters have shared their best advice in resisting that societal pressure and allowing God’s timing to play itself out. To those who may be in the same scenario, I’ll share the same advice… It’s all in God’s timing. Be kind to yourself and carve out a special space just for you. I am positive that being a mom will be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, but I’m equally as positive that I have some amazing accomplishments on the horizon in the meantime. It is my goal to treasure those moments and soak up all of the lessons and gems my sisters share all at the same time.