I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “grow where you are planted.” It can definitely give you all the inspirational feels but it if you’re like me, you over analyze most things and you may ask, “what about the soil?”


I’m no scientist, I’ve only recently gained an understanding of the science behind farming from my husband who comes from a long line of farmers. I don’t have a green thumb and I hate the outdoors so I did a quick online search to help me drive home the importance of soil.


“Soil is a natural protector of seeds and plants. Within a soil ecosystem seeds can disperse and germinate. The soil provides a physical support system for plants, while both retaining and delivering nutrients to them” (Enviroliteracy.org, 2015).


Now stick with me because I’m going to bring this point home fast. It’s the New Year and many of us are in the process of creating goals. Me included. My quest to create new goals for the year came to a screeching halt when I was confronted with the fact that I have been inconsistent and sometimes ineffective in tending the soil that surrounds me. Not only that, I have been guilty of planting myself in soil that was never intended for me. And to add insult to injury, I’ve often violated the soil by attempting to uproot things before it’s time.


That’s why I’m so grateful for God’s grace and His correction. I’m also grateful for a new year and I realize that as opposed to creating lofty goals that would more than likely not align with God’s will for my life, I will make a course correction.


So in 2019, I will focus on nourishing the soil that I am planted in by becoming a good steward of what has already been placed in my hands. By doing so, I can prepare for growth, expansion, promotion, and whatever else God has for me in His timing.


Happy New Year Everyone!  Let’s get ready to dig deep this year.