My Top Five Spring and Summer Closet Must Haves


My Top Five Spring and Summer Closet Must Haves

Spring has sprung and summer will be here before we know it. My season of choice is fall because I love the colors and options for coats and other outwear. I am not as confident when warmer temps call for us to let out a little more skin but I do my best to stay #ontrend. What may be trendy for others may not work for me. I’m plus-sized wife, mom, and a professional. My clothing has to fit my lifestyle, be functional, and help me feel confident. Affordability is also very important so I do have a few stores that I can always rely on that carry one or more of my spring and summer must haves.

My Top 5 Spring/Summer “Must-Haves” include:                                                    

Must Have #1: Waist defining dresses

Shirt dress, maxi dress, wrap dress, just give me all the dresses that I can hang up, shake out and throw on for any occasion.  I highly recommend Target. They always have a great selection for all body types and the prices are reasonable. I caught a sale this weekend and I purchased two dresses under $40.






Must Have #2:  Bold bottoms
I prefer a pant to a dress or a skirt any day but I love a good statement bottom. Polka dots, florals, or even just a pant that provides a pop of color allow me to mix up my outfits. You’ll also find palazzo pants, linen blends, Bermuda shorts, and chinos in my closet. Cato Fashions  is one of my “go-to” stores. Their prices are beyond reasonable and the online selection is even better.


Must Have #3:  Kimonos, cardigans, dusters, and the like
I consider these statement pieces because they can liven up any outfit. SHEIN is a great site if you are looking for affordable and unique cover ups.

Must Have #4: A white t-shirt

V-neck please! I love crew neck t-shirts as well. I will grab a t-shirt and pair it with something in a heartbeat. It’s just classic style.


Must Have #5: Jumpers
I was hesitant about this trend but I have fallen hard for a jumper. Rompers too! Throw one on, grab a pair of shoes, and go. I’ve purchased the majority of my jumpers and rompers from Old Navy at very reasonable price points.


I would highly recommend the following must haves to any woman on the go. I’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment below!





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