My Top 4 Personal Podcast Picks and How They Add Value To My Life

Nowadays there is so much information floating around that finding the right information can be challenging.  I am relatively new to the podcast train but since becoming a passenger I’ve been fortunate to find some podcast that I connect with. I can relate to the creators and the content, which I greatly appreciate and I always walk away informed and inspired. Read on to find out how each podcast adds value to my life.

Talk It Out

I love this podcast! I love this podcast because I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyers Ministries. This podcast features three women in various stages of life but they share a connection in ministry. Snippets of ministry from Joyce provide the basis for the conversation between the women and I feel like I am sitting in my living room listening to them as if they were my own girlfriends.

The most recent series focused on Confidence and there are times when they will contact Joyce for advice when a question or concerned is posed. The Word of God is the focus at all times but I appreciate how each woman conveys their vulnerability as Christians living in a real world, dealing with real life issues.

The Mama Mogul Podcast

Becoming a mother has changed my life in so many ways but the one area that I continue to struggle with is prioritizing myself. This is where the Mama Mogul Podcast comes in. Shilene Aaron is the Founder and Creator of this platform. I had the opportunity to interview Shilene in May and I admire her ability to juggle so many hats as a working wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

Influencer Spotlight: Shilene Aaron

Every podcast features Mothers juggling as mothers do while making an impact in their area(s) of expertise. It is inspiring to hear from each guest, listen to their stories, and take in their tips/advice on how to tackle motherhood and life.


Living Over Existing

The Living Over Existing Podcast and Platform were created by Alisha Robertson. As a woman who is interested in making an impact in a capacity that has yet to unfold, this podcast has become a “go-to.” I love the diversity of voice and perspective from the women who are featured on each episode. I was recently listening to episode 79 featuring Mindset Coach, Lashawn Gee.

The advice that she gave hit me like a ton of bricks because I have abandoned my focus in certain areas of my life, which has directly hindered the level of discipline in those areas. I am paraphrasing but she advised people and women in particular to “determine the season of life that they are in so that they can identify two-to-three priorities, focus on those priorities, and develop the discipline necessary to achieve your goals.”


The Mattie James Show

Mattie James offers quick yet critically informative tips/advice on blogging, influencing, and leveling up in life. She is such an authority that she commands your attention from the start of each episode. I recently attended an event where she was the featured speaker and she was simply awesome. Listening to her podcast, reading her blog, and subscribing to the Mattie Minute has helped me to shift my focus as it relates to the creation of meaningful, consistent and timeless content.


If you are looking for informative, inspiring, and uplifting content via podcast, I would recommend any of the following. I would also love to hear about some of your favorite podcast and how they add value to your life.

Danielle Boyd


I'm Danielle. I'm a wife, mother, and educator residing in Durham, NC. I am here to share my take on life through my own lens. I hope that my writing inspires you to live the life you've been given with purpose. Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave questions and comments as I would love to interact with you!

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