Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Home Edition

Celebrating Mother’s Day this year will look different but this list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas will help Mothers get their wish list prepared so that you can celebrate and be celebrated at home.

 1. A Day Off

Moms use the time to relax and recharge. I know that our jobs are never done but you deserve a few hours behind a closed door.This is the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Idea.

2. Honey-DO list completion

Do you have some projects that you need to finish around the house but you’ve been waiting on your honey to do it? I know I do…put this on your wish list!

3. Car wash/detail

This can be done at home and if you struggle with “mom car” like I do, your ride is in need of some TLC. Make sure your children get involved since they are more than likely responsible for the messy state of your car.

4. Picture framing

I have tons of photos around the house and I’ve never been a fan of bulky photo albums. Picture frames make great gifts!

5. Organizational tools

This can range from planners to cute bins and crates for your room, bathroom, closet, or at-home work area. We can all be a little more organized!

6. Life Hacks

Instant Pots, crockpots, or gadgets to make life simpler. Put one OR two on your list that will help you increase your daily productivity and decrease your workload. Anything that can make life simpler is a perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea.

7. Health and beauty tools

Many of us are trying our hands at new skills so it’s a great time to add things like foot spas or facial steamers to your at-home inventory.

8. Books

Do you still enjoy having a book in-hand when reading? Add those books you’ve been considering to your wish list.

9. Gift Cards

Are you having a difficult time deciding what you want? Ask for gift cards so you can make your purchases when you’re ready!

10. Gardening tools,supplies, or potted plants

If you have a green thumb and don’t mind adding another “dependent” to your list, gardening tools, supplies, potted plants, or hanging baskets may be a great addition to your home.

mother's day gift

11. Subscription Box

Who doesn’t love receiving some of their favorite things at their door? There are so many options in subscription boxes to meet the needs or interest of everyone. Pick a company that offers this service that  is of interest to you and it the subscription service to your wishlist!

12. Courses, Masterminds, Advancement Opportunities

Looking to sharpen your skills in a certain area or even learn a new skill? Put the enrollment fee or a percentage of the fee on your wish list.

13. Hobby specific materials

Are you a maker or creative looking to replenish your craft stash or add the latest machinery to your collection? You can add these items to the list. Also, if you are looking to start a new hobby, starting at your loved one’s expense is the way to go!

14. Fitness Apparel or Equipment

If you prefer to workout from home, you can add some cute workout attire and even functional exercise equipment to your list.

15. “I Owe You”

Many of us are still under stay-at-home orders so some of our routines have been put on hold. A monthly house cleaning is one of the things that I typically budget for. I will be requesting an “I owe you” when this can be phased back into our routine. I’m encouraging you to think of something that’s been out on hold in your routine and request an “I owe you” as well!

Moms I hope that this list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas will help you prepare your wish list. If you have additional ideas,  I would love for you to share by commenting below. If you enjoyed this post, you’ll enjoy last year’s Mother’s Day post:

Motherhood Chronicles: Year Three


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12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Home Edition”

  1. This year I asked for a day off! And a few “murder books” as my husband calls them. (He doesn’t really get my true crime/murder mystery obsession LOL) I’m looking forward to closing that door and switching on Netflix.

  2. This is a great list and I would personally love all of these! A day off would be magical right now. I love my kids more than anything, but being with them nonstop during quarantine has worn this mama out!

    1. Danielle Boyd

      I completely understand. I hope that you are able to grab a few minutes for yourself soon!

  3. I love the idea of a subscription box. That way mom feels special all year, not just on Mother’s Day!

    Courses and Masterminds are also a great idea. So many times as moms we don’t feel like we can spend money on this for ourselves. Making it a gift is a perfect first step towards investing in yourself!

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