My son Matthew will be leaving to spend a week at his grandparents house this weekend.   His grandma and grandpa are preparing an entire week of fun, food and more fun.  For Matthew it is the beginning of a summer tradition that will turn in a lifetime of memories with grandma and grandpa.  I have so many memories of my sweet grandma.  She passed away in February but her legacy continues to live on.   So granny this is for you. 

Dinners are more than meals

My granny was a CHEF!  Her collard greens, succotash, cornbread, rice and gravy are classics!   I remember when my husband and I were leaving a family reunion in Durham, she had an extra sweet potato pie which she gave to us. We finished that thing 4 hours into our six hour drive back to Atlanta.   You see for my granny she knew that good food and family were some of the necessities of life.  She prepared a Sunday feast for her family and the pastors family.  There was never a time when I went to her home and there wasn’t something in the refrigerator or the stove.  Holidays were the best because we all gathered around the table enjoying one another. Stories were shared, laughter filled the home and we remained at the table until it was time to go home. I’m grateful for her delicious food but I’m even more thankful for the memories surrounding that table. 

You will only have one true first love

I’m not really sure of how many years my grandparents were married but I do know that they were some serious lovebirds.  James and Mollie Ford.  That’s really all that needs to be said.  My grandpa (paw paw) treated my granny like a queen.  She never had to worry about anything and he was a man’s man who took care of his wife, children, lawn, cars and the home.  My granny prepared the best meals for him along with some desserts and of course his favorites like coconut cake from scratch.  A love like theirs is a rarity.  He passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack in his mid 50’s.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I was five years old and remember walking into my grandmas home and seeing ladies from the church surrounding her to give her comfort.  She never remarried and anytime she talked about him it was if he had just stepped out the house but he would return shortly.  She loved him and missed him until the day she left this Earth.  It was her first and only true love.  I can only imagine the reunion when she left this place to join him in heaven.  

Caring men are nurtured by caring women

My dad is my granny’s only son.  While grandpa did an awesome job of raising a wonderful man, my granny put on the finishing touches.  She knew that one day he would leave her home and he would need to know how to care of himself and his future family. He knows how to cook, clean, iron, vacuum, dust all the “women/wife” chores.  My mom always says “Mollie raised him right”.  I firmly believe that his mom prepared him to be a loving, caring and sensitive dad for four daughters. He loves us and would do anything for us and that was modeled by his mom.  We all know that boys need their dad but moms play a special role in the development of their sons. He loves hard just like his mom and he is always concerned about the well beings of others.  I’m grateful for her influence upon his life.  

Be willing to give what you have 

I firmly believe that my granny gave everything that she had while she was living.  If there was a need, if someone needed something or asked she would do her best to assist.  Going into my senior year of college I needed a place to stay until my summer job started.  I called her and asked if I could stay and she didn’t hesitate. She immediately said “yes”.   For every birthday she gave me the latest Barbie doll.  So the list can go on and on but none of those things outweigh the love that she gave to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We all knew that she cared for us and most importantly that she loved us.  My granny was a giver and I can honestly say that her gift of giving has been passed to her children and their children as well.  I hope that one day my children will give as much as she did.   

My grandmothers life will continue in the lives of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Legacy and family are things that have great value and worth. Thank you Mollie Emma Ford for modeling those things for us so well.

Grandma and great grandkids