I’m Kirsten, the last sister of the Ford G.I.R.L., which makes me the baby sister. As a recent graduate, I’m now stepping into adulthood.  Navigating life in my early 20s and discovering more about myself and life.

I am super eclectic, artsy and tend to march to the beat of my own beat. I enjoy editorial fashion, contemporary arts and music (preferably underground). I’m a huge “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” fan. Titus Burgess is literally me.

Outside of the fordgirls, I have two outlets that are dear to my heart. I have my personal blog “vixtagekrib” that shares everything underground and underrated. I explore cool things I love pertaining to the arts, fashion, blackness and womanhood. I just started a new outlet called grlscreate which is a creative outlet for black women. As it grows, it will showcase black women and their crafts, ideas, growth and knowledge. My interest speaks through my work and creativity.

Finally, I don’t like to be boxed in and defined by others expectations of who I am. God has only made one Kirsten lol and I intend to fulfill His purpose.