It’s Christmas!!!

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I just love Christmas. I love the lights, the music, the food, spending time with family and my extended break from work. Whenever I reflect on this holiday season so many memories and thoughts flood my mind. So before we dive into this blog I would like to share a few memories from my childhood Christmas.

  1. The Molly Ford Christmas tree. My grandmother and aunt would put up the most grandiose tree every Christmas. I will always remember it because it had the big colorful light bulbs, tons of garland, a plethora of ornaments and of course presents. The tree was so big that it took up half of the wall and covered the entire window. I remember driving down her street and seeing it lit up way before we got to her driveway. The best part about her tree is my guaranteed Barbie doll every Christmas.
  2. The Black Father Christmas. We will be traveling to my parent’s house in 10 days and I cannot wait to see my mom’s black Father Christmas. I remember when she purchased it from Roses years ago. He stands about 14 inches tall, he wears a beautiful red cape and he reminds me of my grandpa. It’s one of the best Christmas decorations every made and purchased. My mom usually offers to give me anything that she possesses but not once has she offered to give me black Father Christmas. So each year I wait to see him standing by the fireplace and patiently wait until she says, “Felicia, you can have him”.
  3. The best Christmas gift ever!!! I remember it like it was yesterday. My sisters and I headed to the Christmas tree and all I could do was stare at my glorious pink bike with ribbons on the handlebars. I instantly fell in love and the next spring my bike and I tore the streets up in our neighborhood, driveway and woods. I have so many vivid memories of my bike. I would wash it whenever my dad washed our cars! I was a bit of a daredevil so I remember “accidentally” driving her into a pool and crashing into a pool house leaving a huge hole. I never wore a helmet, elbow pads or kneepads because I was a pro. My bike and I would spend hours racing down hills, racing away from my neighbor’s dog and just exploring new paths. When I finally retired my bike for a 10-speed I was sad but as you can the memories last forever.

I could go on and on about Christmas memories because for me it really is the most wonderful time of the year. In all three stories listed above a theme of giving resonates for me. Each of those memories gave me something special and that is what the Christmas holiday is all about, giving. So as we prepare for Christmas at the Tucker’s we want to instill a habit of giving to our children. In addition, we want to build traditions that will spark memories for years to come. So what are some practical things that we do that you could start with the ones you love.

Giving: adopt-a-family

This is something that we do every year because we have been so blessed. In addition, I understand that one bad accident, loss of job and any unforeseen incident could place us in the same situation as many of these families. Mark 12:31 says to love your neighbor as yourself. As believers we want to show our children what they learn in Sunday school. By instilling these principles in them at an early age it will help to build the foundation for them to be lifelong givers. This year we will take Matthew shopping with us to allow him to choose the items for our adopted family. We want him to be an active participant to experience the joy of giving to others.

Food: sweets and treats

This might seem small but the effects will last for years to come. Last year we hosted a cookie party at our house where we baked, decorated and ate loads of cookies. We also had a hot chocolate station where we had Christmas themed cups, straws, mini marshmallows and whatever else one might need to make the best cup of hot chocolate. Matthew and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago and he brought up the hot chocolate. I honestly did not think that he would’ve remembered but as a four year that memory is seared into his mind. It really warmed my heart to know that not only did he remember it but he wants to do it again. So this past Sunday we baked and decorated cupcakes. He got to use the mixer, pour the batter into the muffin tins and most importantly eat all of the icing. Time spent with the ones you love doing small tasks is as much a gift as the largest present under the tree.

Pajamas: matching

I cannot take the credit for this because this was something we did growing up. I could always count on a new pair of pajamas as a gift. Well…the Tucker crew has taken it up a notch and we do matching pajamas for the kids. It’s fun, cliché’ and makes for great pics. Last year the kids wore matching onesies and Matthew hated every minute of it…lol. “Mom, I’m not a baby!” Then when we go downstairs to take pictures Ethan has a meltdown while Madelyn is the only one excited about our Christmas pajama picture. In true Felicia fashion, I have not purchased their pajamas but we will be ready for Christmas! I am not sure what this years reaction or photo op will be but I cannot wait!

Those are just three small things that we do during the Christmas holiday as a family. My husband and I have only been parents for five years so these traditions might change and expand. To me that is the beauty of being able to celebrate life with the ones you love. You should always look for ways to celebrate, spread joy and share love with the ones that matter most. Christmas gives us an opportunity to be intentional and we must slow down and remember to create memories that will last once our children leave the nest. Let’s remember the ultimate gift of Jesus coming to show love to the world that He created during this holiday season. In response to His love to us let’s show it to those around us.


Merry Christmas,

Felicia and the crew

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