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Back in October I attended the Women’s Brunch at my church. It was a beautiful fall morning and it was a wonderful time of fellowship. The highlight for me was the message, “Wise Women Build.” The speaker for the morning was Anitra Elmore. I was so blessed by the message that I commented on her Instagram page later that day.  The message was so timely then and I believe that it is relevant now that we have entered a New Year where we are confronted by the pursuit of new goals and aspirations. I wanted to figure out a way to share this message so I reached out to Anitra and she agreed to an interview.  She also shared a summary of the message that you can access by clicking the link below. I hope it encourages you to prioritize the pursuit of wisdom in your everyday life!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? 
I’m a wife and mother of two. I started blogging in 2007 and started The Mama Zone in 2008 to share tips to help other moms simplify things. I was a teacher, turned stay-at-home mom and needed something to keep me busy. It was a great hobby for me and it eventually turned into a source of extra income. I haven’t been blogging much recently, as I started teaching again last fall. I do miss sharing ideas with other moms online and enjoy opportunities to write and speak to encourage women. 
Wise Women Build-what a word! Do you feel that this Word was birthed out of your experiences both past and present? 
Thanks!  It was birthed out of my own passion for living wisely and a great deal of what I shared came as I prayed specifically for the women of our church. I have been crying out to God for wisdom for many years and I’ve seen the difference it has made in my own life. Wisdom eliminates unnecessary struggle and I have a heart to see more people (especially women) begin to walk in it fully.
During the message you emphasized the importance of making wisdom a priority. How have you made getting wisdom a priority with all of your various responsibilities throughout the years? 
I ask for wisdom all day long! Whenever I’m faced with a question, a problem or situation that I find confusing, I immediately stop and ask the Lord to give me wisdom and then I wait until I sense His leading.  I’ve studied passage after passage on wisdom from the Scriptures and pray those back to God as well. I also pray that God would give my husband and children wisdom, and I’ve been speaking Luke  2:52 over my children since they were born.
 What suggestions do you have for women who are wearing multiple hats in this area?
 I’d first suggest examining those multiple hats and determining whether there are any areas you need to scale back in–any activities you need to give up. I live a very simple, unbusy life on purpose. I think the busier we are and the more things we have pulling on us, the harder it is to for us to quiet ourselves and live wisely. In those cases where we have to do a lot, it’s important to pause as often as we can to rest and seek God for the wisdom and ability we need to make it all happen.
Proverbs 14:1 was the anchor text for the message speaks about the wise woman and the foolish woman. During the message you spoke to the fact that the unwise woman is often” busy doing everything  but what she should be doing.” How can we avoid becoming this woman? 
One way to avoid being like her is to have clear priorities and keep them in front of us. Planning–writing our schedules and to-do lists down–is one very practical way to do this. When it’s clear what you really need to be doing, it’s much easier to not waste time. 
Do you think that it’s possible to become this woman unintentionally? 
Absolutely! It’s so easy to get distracted and to prefer doing “fun” things over necessary things. I often find myself procrastinating to the point that it starts effecting my family and home. In those moments, I’m pulling my house down with my hands, as the Proverb says, because my hands are idle instead of  busy doing what’s best and necessary for my family.
What role do friends, associates, circles play with this?
 In the message, I used the analogy of a wall to describe our friends. As we’re building, the people we surround ourselves become the walls. We need strong walls that we can lean on–people who are also walking in wisdom and who have the ability to support us as we continue to build.  
“Build in the right place. Build with the right people. Build for the right reasons. And repeat.” It sounds simple but what advice or encouragement do you have for women who find themselves having to start all over
The first thing I’d advise is for them to remind themselves of the truth of who they are and whose they are. When things go wrong it’s easy to focus on the negative and forget that we serve a God who loves us and is for us. We have to constantly tell ourselves that we are more than conquerors through Him and He will see us through whatever transition we’re facing. Sometimes, getting to that right place with the right people takes some time, some sacrifices and some hard choices. That’s when hiding the Word in your heart and speaking it out of your mouth become absolutely essential.
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