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How To Manage Holiday Expectations As A Busy Woman


It’s the most wonderful time of year! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us and as a busy woman, wife, and mother managing all of my “to-do” list can become very overwhelming. I can admit that my struggle with managing everything during the holiday season results from me piling stuff on a plate that is typically already full. However, as you learn, you grow and you get better at giving yourself grace. So ladies I want to share how I manage holiday expectations as a busy woman in hopes that it will help you give yourself room to breathe this season.


  1. Pray

This sounds cliché but I pray about everything. I can’t rely on myself so I definitely lean into the voice of the Lord when I get overwhelmed with life.


  1. Get rid of unrealistic expectations

I can’t be everywhere, involved in everything, and handle my priorities at the same time. So I have to keep my priorities first. I’m a wife, I’m a mother, I’m a working wife and mother, and I can add to the list. If involving myself in some holiday activity compromises my priorities, it won’t happen.


  1. Prioritizing Personal Needs

As women, it is extremely easy for us to put ourselves last. We want to do ALL the things: cook, shop, decorate, host, etc. When it’s all over we are spent and if you are like me, you’re also edgy. I love doing ALL the things because it makes those closest to me feel special but I have learned to sneak some time in for ME. It is so necessary.


  1. Ask For Help

This is something that I struggle with but I have gotten better with using this four letter word:

H-E-L-P. Ask for help and thank me later.


  1. Say “NO”

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I actually don’t have a problem with saying “no.” I think we don’t like to say it because we are concerned about other’s feelings or reactions. However, saying “no” doesn’t have to cause conflict. It’s about setting boundaries which is a healthy practice.


Ladies if you found this advice helpful, you may also enjoy reading 20 At-Home Self Care Options For Busy Women. I also want to encourage every busy woman to practice self-care this season!








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