How To Incorporate Clean Products Into Daily Routines

Fellow North Carolina Blogger, Courtney Johnson Lotz, shares why she made the decision to use clean products and how we can incorporate clean products in our daily routines.

Before we jump in, here are a few fun facts about Courtney:

  • I recently moved to Winston-Salem, NC.
  • I was adopted from South Korea at four months old.
  • I have been married to my sweetheart almost four years ago come November.
  • I am a Dog mom to a 3-year-old border collie.
  • I enjoy blogging on hopefilledintheeveryday.

How did you develop a passion for clean and toxin free living?

My blog posts are centered around my passion about Jesus and exploring the benefits of healthy living. God has placed on my heart to share my infertility journey to encourage others. I have been exploring the factors behind my infertility and learned a ton about my autoimmune disease. When I discovered that my health and wellness was more than just what I ate, I started quickly changing the products that I used every day.

My infertility journey has been challenging because my monthly cycle was not starting on its own. It required me to take a hormone for my cycle to begin and to ovulate. This caused me to have bad anxiety to take both sets of hormones.  I felt like the doctors were just putting a band aid on my infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

After changing to nontoxic cleaning and beauty products, my period started regulating without requiring me to take any hormones. God has used the oils and products that I have been using to help my body work naturally.

Would you say that your health has been impacted as a result of this lifestyle choice?

Yes, my health has hugely been impacted my lifestyle choice. I wouldn’t have made this change if I hadn’t been struggling with infertility and gut health issues. Our lifestyle has a huge impact on my health and wellness.

Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit


How do essential oils play a role in your daily lifestyle?

I use essential oils daily.  I roll on oils morning and evening for immune support (thieves), seasonal support (combination of lavender, frankincense, lemon and peppermint), and two oils (endoflex and progessence) that help regulate your hormones naturally. Essential oils are in my skin care and my hair products.  My favorite way to use oils is diffuse them instead burning candles.

What essential oils would you recommend for cleaning and sanitizing?

We use Thieves household cleaner and the hand soap throughout our home.

The thieves household cleaner is a staple for cleaning in our home and there are zillions of different ways to use it.  It smells lovely! It is nontoxic which is very important for your overall wellness. You can use one product for everything. Did I mention one bottle can last 45 spray bottles? It saves you money!  Thieves hand purifier kills 99.9 % of germs and is non-toxic. Just like any hand sanitizer, I recommend using the purifier several times before washing your hands with soap and water. We use thieves foaming soap and lemon luscious hand foaming soap in our kitchen and in our bathrooms

clean product
Thieves Hand Sanitizer


What other “must haves” would you recommend specifically for the cold/flu season?

All Thieves Products: Hand Purifier,  Household Cleaner, Chest Rub, Cough Drops, and Oil.

How can readers connect with you to learn more about your platform and the clean Young Living Products that you mentioned.

You can contact me via Instagram, @hopefilledintheeveryday with any questions. I love helping people with their wellness. My blog also has some education on the dirty dozen chemicals that can be found in products you use daily. To purchase your kit: visit my website. select your starter kit, pick items for your next month’s wellness box (min of 50 pv=$50) which you can edit, skip or cancel anytime. Then, enter your shipping + payment information.


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