How to Get out the House on Time with Kids

If you are like me when Sunday night arrives, you begin to run through how to successfully get out of the house on time on Monday morning. After much thought and strategy, I have devised a foolproof method that will set my family up for success.

Step one: Getting out the house on time with kids

Get up early

I know I know…..getting up early can oftentimes be a lot easier said than done. It requires discipline and commitment. I have always been a morning person so it is a bit easier for me to hit the ground running in the morning. My husband is a night owl and so getting up early is not part of his DNA. He can do it BUT he and the snooze button are best friends.

So if you are like my husband how can you make a change? Here are few practical steps:

  1. Go the bed earlier. This will require you to change some habits in the evening such as watching TV, scrolling through social media or just hanging out on the couch.
  2. Place your alarm across the room so that it forces you to physically get out of bed.
  3. Start getting up earlier in 15 minute increments per week until you reach your desired wake up time.

When you get up early it allows for more time for to get both yourself and your kids ready to get out of the house on time. In addition, it provides a cushion for things that might come up such as spilling milk on their clothes which for my son causes a panic attack. When you have extra time and you are not rushing, you are able to change their clothes and still have time to spare. Getting up early might sound awful but in reality it is essential to leaving the house on time.

Step two: Getting out the house on time with kids

Prepare the night before

My mom is the most organized person that I know and I learned this from her. It really is my least favorite thing to do but it is so beneficial. On Sunday evenings I make sure to lay out my children’s clothes for the week. When I say week I really mean Monday through Wednesday. On Wednesday night I lay their clothes out for the remainder of the week. I can’t explain why I split up the week, maybe one day I will the entire week.

In addition to setting out their clothes, I make my son’s lunch and make sure that book bags are packed and jackets are laid out on the couch. We do not have a mudroom….one day! My goal in doing this is to eliminate unnecessary running around in the morning and to create a routine that both I and my kids can follow. They know where to grab their book bags and coats. My oldest knows that his clothes will be set out so all he needs to do is get dressed which allows me to focus on getting the twins ready.


The same steps that I utilize for my kids must first start with me. I have been known to waste so much time looking for something to wear and searching for my work ID in the mornings. When I take the time at night to prepare for the next day it reduces stress and I am less likely to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Step three: Getting out the house on time with kids

Create time blocks

What does that mean…create time blocks. It simply means that every minute has an assigned task. This helps to keep you on track and helps to prevent wasting time. If you are like me then you know that every minute is valuable when it comes to getting out the house on time! Check out my time blocks below.

  • 5:00: Quiet time – prayer and reading my Bible
  • 5:30: 30 minute workout courtesy of Nike training app or YouTube – right now I’m into boxing
  • 6:00: shower and get dressed
  • 6:30: prepare breakfast….we are not fancy. Cereal, granola bars, oatmeal – all items that can be eaten on the go
  • 7:00: wake up the troops, get them dressed
  • 7:30-7:40: pulling out the garage headed to school, daycare, and work

I can honestly say that I abide by these time blocks every morning. They really help me to not only stay on task but to value each minute of our morning routine. I want to challenge you to try and create time blocks. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Now do we ALWAYS get out the house time…heck no, but these strategies can assist in making your morning less hectic.

If you have a favorite get out of the house on time routine please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Happy pre-planning!


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10 thoughts on “How to Get out the House on Time with Kids”

  1. These are all helpful ideas for getting out of the house on time. I do my best to do the time blocking thing in the morning, but my daughter almost always throws this off. She wakes up at different times or wants to do everything but get ready. Neither of us are morning people. All I can do is keep trying. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great blog post and every mother can use these tips. Time is so valuable especially for a woman that wears many hats with the most important hat being a mother. Getting up early is my #1 struggle – I like the 15min increments. Thanks for such practical words of advice!

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