Fun and Practical Necessities for Twins

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Welcome back to the blog!  Here’s a fun fact: I’m a mom of twins.  Madelyn and Ethan (ME) arrived on the scene on Thursday, April 14, 2016.  Our lives have never been the same and as you can imagine the ride got even wilder.  Check out my tips on how to prepare for the arrival of your sweet babies.  In our house we don’t take ourselves to seriously so enjoy my top ten practical and fun twin necessities.

Consignment sales

You will need a lot of clothes for your wee ones, especially if they are anything like ME. Spit up, drool, and everything else doesn’t need to stain a $25 dress that they will probably only wear once. Save your money and hit the consignments for gently used clothing and toys. I make sure to mark my calendar for February to purchase clothes for spring and summer. Then I’m back at again in August to purchase clothes for fall and winter. In addition, it helps me spread out laundry day.

Diapers, diapers, diapers

People will ask what do you need and your automatic response should be diapers. I don’t care if you use disposable or cloth the more you have prior to their arrival the better. Diapers are expensive so the less money you spend on them the more you save or could spend on big ticket items.

Swing, glider, rock n play

One day you will be at home with the twins alone and one or both of them will start to cry. Ethan would be sleepy and wants to cuddle while Madelyn just wanted to be held. What do you do? For your sanity and for soothing purposes I highly recommend one or two items such as a glider and rock n play. Madelyn loves both while Ethan prefers the glider. Either way a happy baby makes for a happy home.


I have found the best runner to be our three year old son, The Great. What exactly is a “runner”? “Run upstairs and grab me a diaper”. “Go and get the blanket off the recliner for your sister”. “Please grab the wipes so I can change their diapers”. A runner is someone who enjoys being a big helper and being included in taking care of their siblings. If no older siblings are around then train your dog.


Sometimes you just need to get away for a breather. For me that place is right outside of my garage but for the husband it’s the toilet. Trust me some days are harder than others and you will want to recharge so you can be prepared for your crew. Fresh air and a clean mind go a long way!


Plan on the following:

  • One being great sleeper and the other enjoying night life
  • Nursing and pumping being a labor of love
  • One twin developing at a different rate than the other and know that it’s ok
  • Seeing their bond and love for each other grow from the moment they are born
  • Loving each one as special, unique and individual gifts.

Madelyn and Ethan

Sense of humor

Unpredictable, dependent, cute, hungry, big personalities… could those descriptors not make you laugh or at least smile. Life isn’t perfect which means neither are you or your sweet babies. In order to keep the stress level down don’t cry over spilled milk (unless it’s breastmilk) and relax!!! When the twins want to tag team cry (and they will), I join in because like them I’m fed, clean and dry but I just want my voice to be heard. I’ve thought about trying this method at work….but I’d probably be fired. Lighten up and laugh, as my mom would say it’s only a phase.


It’s often said to take a nap when the baby is napping. This is true for singletons but doubly true for twins. The trick is they both have to be asleep at the same time…..although this is doable it’s not always the case. So as soon as both of their eyes are closed shut off the tv, resist the urge to clean, mute your cell phone and GO TO SLEEP. Some nap is better than no nap.


It can be your spouse, extended family, friends, church members. Whatever the case may be you will need a village. The village understands that during the first eight weeks it’s all about a term I like to use called “the visit assist”. Individuals who participate in “the village assist” will come and see the babies but more importantly cook a meal, run an errand, wash the dishes, vacuum, allow you to take a shower. This support group understands that doing these things will help you care for the baby and maybe even squeeze in some time for yourself.


The most essential and vital component of raising all children. This love will cause you to be excited about them rolling over for the first time. It will help you endure the two hour party from 2 am – 4 am when you have to get up for work at 6 am. It will cause you  to cherish every cuddle and moment you spend with your baby. The amazing thing is they love you from the moment they are born. To be loved and to give love is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Please share your comments, thoughts and stories about being a mom of twins.


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