Five Things Every Educator Should Do During Summer Break

The school year is coming to a close and I don’t know about you but I am grateful. We commit to this profession from August to May and it is easy to look up and realize we’ve done NOTHING for ourselves in months. If you are like me, I know that I need to do better job of prioritizing myself but the summer is a great time to pick up the ball.  I’m sharing five things every Educator should do during Summer Break. I plan to do numbers 1-5!


1. Take Care Of Your Physical Needs

We may work in one of the few professions where it is difficult to make and keep medical appointments. I am notorious for scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling because of the nature of my job. Factor in my responsibilities as a wife and a mother and my personal needs get shelved consistently especially when Madison has appointments that I have to prioritize. The summer is a great time to handle routine things such as a physical, a teeth cleaning, or even a minor procedure. Get it done friend! Taking care of your personal needs is a necessity!


  1. Make An Investment In Your Creative/Entrepreneurial Outlet(s)

My summer will consist of me making several investments towards The Ford Girls Blog as well as The EducateHER Collective. I think that I have suppressed my creative side unintentionally for some time. However, the demands of work life are real. I have plans to attend a few meet ups and one-day conferences this summer. I am also planning to invest in myself by meeting with a business consultant so that I can flesh out some ideas and ways to move forward during the summer while things are slow.


  1. Start OR Finish Up Outstanding Personal Projects

Updating the downstairs portion of my house has taken much longer than planned. I plan to use the summer to finish shopping and filling in blank wall space to my liking. Also, my husband is over the corner that I have created with stuff that I’ve purchased that needs to be mounted. Here’s to giving my home a much needed makeover this summer!


  1. Reconnect With Your Circle

I love getting together with my people! The majority of my circle works in the field of Education as well so a gathering will be in order. It is very important to have a community that you can rely on. It is equally important to make time to check in with your community. Reconnecting is so much more fun when there are no time constraints which the summer affords. You can hang out all night long and not feel guilty the next morning during the summer.  Seriously though. Who am I kidding? My cut off is 9pm these days!


  1. Rest

This is probably the most important “to-do.” Rest can take on different forms so whatever you need to do to rest, do it. Getaway, plan a staycation, send the kids to camp, send your husband to camp (just kidding), say “no” to things that may interfere with you taking a break, sit in a chair, clothes the blinds, and reflect!


Educating the future is HARD work but you are called to do it!



Congratulations on the completion of another school year,





Danielle Boyd


I'm Danielle. I'm a wife, mother, and educator residing in Durham, NC. I am here to share my take on life through my own lens. I hope that my writing inspires you to live the life you've been given with purpose. Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave questions and comments as I would love to interact with you!

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