Five Prayers For A Praying Wife

Five Prayers For A Praying Wife inspired by a recent blog post Five Prayers for A Praying Wife

Praying for your husband is extremely important but if we are honest, sometimes praying for your husband can be difficult to do.  Last week my sister posted  Five prayers for your husband.   After reading I began thinking about the wife who is praying but feeling like they aren’t getting the results that they are seeking  from God. I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it can be but I have also learned that praying for my husband is more about the work that God is trying to do in me as He does the work in my husband.Speaking from experience, the following five prayers for the praying wife can bring perspective, peace, and change:


Heavenly Father:

  1. Thank you for softening my heart so that it does not become hardened towards my husband as I wait for You to perform your perfect work in his life
  2. Thank you for helping me to understand that love is an action word not a feeling
  3. Thank you for helping me to avoid being led by my feelings as they may change and can at times be deceptive
  4. Thank you for revealing to me the ways in which I have not set myself in total agreement with you as you do the work in my husband’s life.
  5. Thank you for sustaining me with Your grace to be the wife that my husband needs me to be

I have listed two books below that are highly recommended resources by Stormie Ormatian.  Continue seeking, knocking, and and asking according to Matthew 7:7-8 because God hears and answers prayer.


The Power of a Praying Wife

The Power of a Praying Wife Devotional


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