Five Moments Every Woman Should Add To Their Daily Routine

Establishing a daily routine and maintaining a daily routine are two very different things.  So this year I wanted to get myself together in many ways. I realized that I haven’t done the best job of creating and remaining consistent so I have been working on making these five moments a part of my daily routine.


  1. A Moment of Prayer

Recently I was convicted in this area while listening to a message on Surrender from Dr. Charles Stanley. He’s one of my favs but he keeps it REAL. You can pray anywhere at any time which is typically my practice but kneeling to pray takes intentionality. I am making more effort daily to surrender in prayer. I find that I am able to focus more and position myself to hear from God during this time.



2. A Moment of Devotion

daily devotionI have also decided that I need to spend more time in the Word. I’m a big fan of devotionals. I actually posted a blog about You Version Bible Plans last year.This year I made a goal to read through the entire Bible and so far I am on track! I find that taking this time out on a daily basis helps me to refocus and realign myself.




  1. A Moment of Physical Activity

daily routineOk! This is the area that I fall short with most often BUT I am learning not to overcomplicate it. I do not like to exercise but I have found a few apps that are helping me to set aside 10-15 minutes a day to move my body. I can also rely on moving throughout the building at work to get in a few steps AND taking Madison outside for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood is a reliable source of physical activity as well.



  1. A Moment of Maintenance

By maintenance I am referring to some form of daily routine regimen that helps to preserve and rejuvenate your body. It could be skin care, hair care, nail care. For me, it’s skincare. My skin is typically not troublesome but I have noticed that I am struggling with dryness and dark spots. I commit to cleansing and exfoliating my skin regularly and moisturizing my skin especially my feet and hands. We get one body so we owe it to ourselves to take care of it!



  1. A Moment of Silence

We all deserve a moment of complete peace and quiet. For me, it is a necessity. I work in a very demanding environment and I don’t want to give my job more of me than I do my family so I leave one job to come home and do the most important job as a wife and mother. I ritually burn an aromatherapy candle or essential oils at least 10-15 minutes before I put Madison down. It helps to calm the house. Once I get her in bed, I will typically sit on the bed with the tv off and my phone on the dresser to decompress. I find that taking this moment helps me to prepare my body to rest better at night.


So Ladies, join me in adding these five moments to your daily routine. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish everyone daily. I would actually encourage you to pick one or two that you know you need to be more consistent with and add on from there. Progress not Perfection, right!

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2 thoughts on “Five Moments Every Woman Should Add To Their Daily Routine”

  1. Super post!!! All on point! Yeah for my former employer Burt’s Bees, Inc

    Keep up the great work. I also heard Dr Stanley’s sermon on Sunday. You know I am a groupie!

    1. Thanks mom! Thanks for introducing us to Dr. Stanley! And the Burts Bees Peach Scrub has always been a fan favorite!

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