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While I won’t say that I’ve “let myself go,” I will say that I haven’t been intentional about taking care of myself or doing things that make me feel good about myself for the past two years. I think it’s a combination of a few things including motherhood, work, and health issues that I can attribute this to. It has caused my confidence to take a major hit and it has also impacted my self-image. I made a decision to handle MY business this year and you can read about that in a blog post I entitled, “New Year, Same Soil.”

Now back to this post! Handling my business includes me taking the time to engage in things that will help boost my confidence. Establishing a manageable beauty routine was at the top of my list. Enter Miana Isaac, a fellow blogger and North Carolinian. Miana and I are both members of Blog with Kim Mastermind so I was thrilled to find out that was nearby and that she provided a service that I could benefit from. Miana is a freelance beauty consultant and she has an awesome platform-“Building Confidence Through Beauty.” I booked a one-on-one consultation which included a makeup kit building session and tutorial.  She and I met at a local Walmart and she literally walked me through the aisle to help me choose products that I could use as a part of my daily routine. As a follow up she taught me how to apply the products and I was able to do so in the comforts of my own bathroom via video chat. I live for convenience so I couldn’t ask for better arrangements! Miana is so knowledgeable but she was also warm, accommodating, and she’s become the beauty angel on my shoulder. I can hear her voice coaching me through each step of my new makeup routine!


So while I could talk about the literal lessons learned from this experience, I’d like to focus on the lessons that I have internalized as it pertains to my confidence which ultimately impacts my self image.


  1. Prioritize yourself

Self explanatory but easier said than done. This includes clearing your schedule, saying “no” to some things, and for me it means taking a few extra minutes in the morning to make sure that I can put my best face forward. It’s worth it.


  1. Invest in yourself

Whether it’s a paid service, a new tool, a class, licensure program/course ( ya’ll know I’ll get a new degree like it’s a pair of shoes in a heart beat) ,etc. Investing in yourself will always pay off.


  1. Ask for help

A trusted friend or even someone with a visible set of expertise is a good place to start but there is so much information at our disposal today that ignorance should never be an option. Asking for help is one of the smartest things that you can do.


  1. Take a risk

I am admittedly a fairly closed off person but I have learned that this doesn’t help with my personal growth and development. I have to put myself in positions to expose myself to new things and people and I often do it scared BUT I do it.


  1. Commit to life-long learning

Say “NO” to stagnation. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep Trying. Keep moving.


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Miani helping me color match foundation at Walmart.