Father's Day came early

Anyone who knows Dan Ford knows that he loves his girls…..and his wife.  At first glance many might see a guy with a tough exterior but in reality he is a big softie who is prone to shedding tears at anything sentimental. When I initially began this post it was only filled with his most unforgettable quotes but due to an unexpected event I decided to go a different route.


On Wednesday afternoon I received a text message from Kirsten stating that something was wrong with daddy and EMS had been called. Danielle dropped everything and headed for home while Chloe and I held our breath and waited for updates from Kirsten and my mom. I prayed and then began to Google verses to pray about healing. In that moment I quickly drew a blank so at that time I was grateful for biblegateway.com. Over next four days our sister group text was on “ten” because it was filled with updates, stories about the nurses, questions about the diagnosis and the occasional trip down memory lane involving stories of our dad. Each night I would FaceTime my dad just to make sure that he was progressing and most importantly to see his smile. Fast forward to Saturday night he is still in the hospital.  The doctor’s continue to keep him overnight and have not provided a diagnosis.  Oftentimes I get anxious and worry. Should I leave now and go see him? Is this something that could take him away from us? Why can’t the doctors figure out what’s going? I wasn’t ready for the worse case scenario but it continued to play in my head.


This is one of those unexpected situations that Christine Caine discusses in her book Unexpected. In the book she talks about building a faith cocoon and surrounding yourself with words that speak life (scripture), music that echoes those words (worship), and being selective of who you tell about that unexpected situation. Everyday I remind myself of those pointers and while I may not always feel confident I still trust the Lord. This life is filled with so many surprises, twists and turns but the Lord remains faithful through it all.  Way before Christine Caine spoke about this in her book I learned about the Lord’s faithfulness from dad.  He has modeled what it looks like to trust the Lord when it doesn’t look favorable and even from the hospital he remains firm in his faith.  His faith encourages me and I’m glad for the Godly legacy that He lives out everyday.


I will be headed home to North Carolina on Monday to see my dad and to give him a big hug. As the oldest I think my dad and I have a unique connection. We have always bonded over sports whether it’s our love of Carolina basketball or debates over the greatness of LeBron James. He’s frugal (tight with money) and so am I. His sweet tooth is ridiculous and I have no self-control when it comes to anything chocolate. He is super protective of his family and I am a mama bear on steroids. He’s the first man I ever loved and he set the standard for what I wanted in a husband/baby daddy. William D. Ford is the man!  So this year Father’s Day did come early and I will always celebrate him.


Daddy’s top five sayings:

  1. We got McDonalds at home. (We will eat at home)
  2. As long as I owe you you’ll never go broke. (Do not ask me for money)
  3. In between snoring on the couch…don’t turn I’m still watching the game. (We will only watch football on Sunday)
  4. Let me pray about it. (Short answer to my question…”no”)
  5. The kitchen is closed. (Close the refrigerator and go to bed)