My dad is a father of four daughters.

Let that sink in for a moment. Four strong personalities, four strong opinions, four strong women. Needless to say, my dad is a very patient man. I always wondered if he imagined that he would be a dad to four girls. Of course I’m sure he didn’t, but I’m also certain that he couldn’t picture his life any differently now. My dad has worked to have individual and meaningful relationships with each of his daughters and we are all the better from that love.

Not a man of many words, but when he does express himself, we understand the value in those words. His no-nonsense, straight-forward demeanor runs deep in all of us, which in turn created those strong personalities. Each of us have a few of his distinctive traits. From him, we’ve learned to be a woman of your word, a person of character and true to your namesake. I’m positive that there were moments where he felt like he was out of his league being out numbered 5 to 1, but we followed his lead.

Our dad is a pretty special guy. We’re blessed to have such a vivid example of how love can be strong. As we celebrate Father’s Day, I’m filled with such gratitude for our dad; the dad of four daughters.