“Daddy Dan Ford”, that’s what I like to call my father when he tends to get on my nerves. Actually we both work each others nerves on a daily, but that’s our father-daughter relationship, always laughs. However, don’t get me wrong my father is very stern and strict when he wants to be. I think with be being the youngest, some of his strict rules have fallen away. Yet, I still respect my daddy because of the man he is. My daddy has always been a no nonsense type of man. His yes are yes and his no’s are no’s. Oh yeah don’t get me started on his “I’ll pray about” speech whenever I would ask for his permission. I know now over the twenty-three years of my life, my dad has always, always been there. From taking me to school, orthodontist appointment, to ballet practice, volleyball practice, university drop in and drop off. He was there, my dad has taught me and showed me how I’m  suppose to be treated; cliche but it’s true. His shown me this through his actions towards my mother. His actions always speak volumes. His personal relationship with the Lord and his values are something that I will always cherish throughout my life. The stories could go on for days about this man, but I rather not make this blog uber long. Just know William Daniel Ford is a unique character of his own, a man that loves God, his wife, his daughters, his grand-babies and his friends. A loyal man, with a pure heart.

 I love my pops, even when he tells me “Kirsten get somewhere and sit down!”