The EducateHER Spotlight: Ranisha Moore offers style advice for Educators

Ladies you CAN merge your personal and professional style. I decided to reach out to Ranisha Moore, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger to get more insight from an Educator’s perspective. I am a huge fan of her sense of style so I was super excited when she agreed to offer her expertise! Check out my interview with Ranisha below. Also, do yourself a favor and follow Ranisha on Instagram for more fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

School is in session with @the_cost_conscious_fashionista


How would you define your personal and professional style?

I would typically define my personal style as chic but sometimes trendy in my own way. By this, I mean I like to follow trends but also redefine the trend to fit my personal style.

What, if anything, do you or have you pointed to as a reference for your professional style?

As far as style references, I do follow other educators and grab style ideas from them. However, I do go to Pinterest at times to revamp my style. There have been times where I will have something in my closet and I am unsure what I could do differently with the outfit. This is normally when I turn to Pinterest to get ideas for what I already have by not breaking the bank.

Shopping on an Educator salary. How? What are some of your go-to retailers? Also, what retailers carry affordable pieces for all shapes and sizes?

Educators do this work because we love it. However, the classroom can be our slay runway where we slay on a budget. To keep myself on budget I shop all clearance racks first then make my way to the regular priced items at places like Old Navy, Target, Walmart. I also thrift at my local Goodwill. I purchase slacks, collar shirts, dresses/skirts that are in good condition that I know I can get a few more wear out of.

 Do you prefer function, fashion, or a little of both in the workplace?

I prefer both function and fashion. When headed into the classroom I like to look put together. Looking my best helps me be my best at what I do. When I show up to work late with wrinkled clothes and in a funk all day, my day is usually unproductive. I also like to be functional. I save my heels for date nights! If I need heels, I will go with wedges because they are more comfortable.

Shopping your closet. What back-to-school staple items do you believe every EducateHER should have? 

There are three staple items you should have: a collared shirt, a black dress, and denim jacket. Check out how Ranisha styles each staple below:


What other ways can we elevate our attire in the workplace?

One way to elevate your style is adding kimonos to your wardrobe. Adding a kimono takes any outfit to another level. Add them with your slacks and shirts or with a simple swing dress.

I can’t thank Ranisha enough for providing such valuable insight for those of us heading back to school. I will certainly pull from her look book and I can’t wait to see how you do the same AND make it your own!

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