Arete Academy Alphabet Mat Bundle Infuses Creativity, Culture, and Curriculum for children ages 3-5

alphabet mat bundle

I truly believe and embody the fact that I am Madison’s first teacher. As we approach Kindergarten, I am always seeking out materials and opportunities to work with her at home to ensure that she will have a running start especially in the area of literacy. Letter and sound recognition are building blocks for reading. Writing is also an extremely important component for success in Kindergarten. Finding creative ways for her to practice these skills at home has become a priority.  I also believe that children learn best when they are able to identify with the curriculum and/or materials used to enforce curriculum. When I learned about the Alphabet Mat Bundle by Arete Academy, I knew that I had to add it to our toolbox. It enforces letter/sound recognition and writing in a culturally creative format for children ages 3-5.

The Alphabet Mat Bundle is available in both hard copy and digital format.  Each bundle features:
-Uppercase and lowercase letters
-Pre-printed letters for sight recognition and as a guide
-traceable letters
-create-the-letters section
-writing section

We chose the digital format and as a mother and an Educator, I would recommend it to other parents of children between the ages of 3-5 for the following reasons:


arete alphabet mat infuses curriculum and culture1. The digital download allows me to print the practice sheets as needed

Madison’s attention span, like most four year olds, is emerging. I have to create realistic expectations around what we can get done at home whether it is on a weeknight or even a weekend. I can print the practice mat for her to say and write the letter along with either the flash card or the writing section for enrichment . We can go in sequence or I can check her take-home folder at school and/or check in with her teacher to determine whether or not there are letters/letter sounds that we need to revisit.


          arete alphabet mat infuses curriculum and culture2. Madison can work independently

This is important for her growth and development as she approaches Kindergarten. Learning how to listen to and follow directions is an important skill for all children. I can tell her what she needs to do, have her repeat it to me, and leave her to get it done. I do my best to work with her when we have uninterrupted time but there are days when I need to multitask (i.e. cook dinner, complete a task for work, household chores, etc.). The practice activity ensure that we both feel a sense of accomplishment!


arete alphabet mat infuses curriculum and culture3.The activities include pictures and other representations of our culture

Representation matters. This aspect of the alphabet mat bundle was most appealing because as a Black mother it is important for me to make sure that my child has opportunities to see pictures, people, and other related things that are reflective of our culture. I want Madison to be proud of her Ancestry, Brown skin, and Curly-Coily Hair as a little Black girl.  She’s always excited to see the pictures that accompany each letter. This makes me feel great as a mother because not only is she learning, she is enjoying what she’s learning.


Are you interested in learning more about Arete Academy? Visit their website at:

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