I’m Chloe, the 3rd Ford G.I.R.L. and affectionately known as the middle child. As the recently turned 30 year old and a transplant to New York, my perspective is a mix of liberation and new found confidence. As I’m navigating my way through the Big Apple, my 30’s, Corporate America, single life and going through the occasional “what do I want to do with my life” phase, I’d love to share my colorful outlook on life.


Going against the grain, I didn’t keep the theme of “Go Heels!” like my older sisters, but rather “Go Pack!”. In my former life and degree, I was a Fashion student, but through a switch of passions and career choices, I storm the financial world recruiting our young minds and enforcing the importance of diversity within all spaces. I still love a good outfit!


Though most who meet me would automatically consider me an extrovert, I’d like to think that I’m a happy medium between both the intro and extro world. I enjoy a stimulating conversation but as I’ve approached my 30’s and moving to a massive city, I’ve recognized that solitude has become one of my best friends. Uprooting my life to move to the big city was no easy feat, but I’m happy to report that I’ve conquered the first year and it didn’t conquer me.


My personality is a blend between no-nonsense to lots of laughs. It depends on the day. I’d like to think that my day job is tied to my life’s purpose, which makes it rewarding even in the toughest days. In short, as my little sister would say, I’m not Chloe without a good bootie, black jeans and new lip color. Sums me up pretty well!