Hyman Party of 2

Guest Blogger: Shiquita Hyman 5 Tips for Wives At Any Stage Hey yall! Though I wrote this blog post nearly three years ago, I still believe that everything in it rings true. I hope that

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Five Prayers For A Praying Wife

Five Prayers For A Praying Wife inspired by a recent blog post Five Prayers for A Praying Wife Praying for your husband is extremely important but if we are honest, sometimes praying for your husband

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Five prayers for your husband

This summer my husband and I ventured off to a bed and breakfast for some much needed time together. While looking at the plethora of books in the library I stumbled upon The Power of

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Couple in love

3 Simple Ways to Strengthen your Marriage

Great marriages are a product of hard work, attention to detail and much prayer.  With the addition of children, work demands and just life our marriages can become an afterthought.  Overtime this afterthought can lead

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