How does Forgiveness bring Freedom

Forgiveness can be tough, but it is necessary.  Forgiving means freedom from an endless cycle of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.  How can we make sure that our lives are being lived to the

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How to give yourself grace as a mom

Perfectionism is the enemy of grace.  As a mom, I oftentimes struggle with perfectionism.  I will always remember my mom telling me, “Felicia you are too hard on yourself”.  In other words, relax and give

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Five Prayers For A Praying Wife

Five Prayers For A Praying Wife inspired by a recent blog post Five Prayers for A Praying Wife Praying for your husband is extremely important but if we are honest, sometimes praying for your husband

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Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations- emotional support or encouragement.  As parents, we get the privilege of affirming our kids every day.  It’s no secret that in today’s society our youth are crippled by feelings of anxiety, fear, and the inability to

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