Yeah, everything the big sis and middle sis wrote is oh so true but a little unreal for me. No shade at all, but they are blessed to have a stable income. However, as a fresh graduate, self-employed creative, intern and freelancer sometimes the money isn’t always raining. Budgeting is something that I hear a lot, especially from my father who’s already making plans for my money and its destination.

Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful to hear those nuggets but it can get frustrating when you’re working through a dry spell. 

So, this short report is for my job hunting newly graduated or creative/entrepreneurial friends. As someone who spends a lot of time tapping into creative outlets with various projects, I have to remind myself, I must be mindful of the cost. Without a steady income, I’ve become super mindful of where my money is going and where will that lead me for the rest of the month. 

Of course, we all have friends that like to bunch, have dinner, grab coffee/drinks and or shop, but I’ve learned to speak up and let them know what I’m financially capable of doing at the time. When it comes to my own projects, much of the work is from me or free templates and a lot of Youtube/Google research. I know my new graduates can attest to the dreaded task of asking your parents for extra cash but being willing to bring transparent is always key. The ultimate goal is to work and create my own. 

Budgeting for me is just being wiser. Knowing what I don’t have now and being content in that makes things better. So once that steadier income comes in, I am certain I will have the tools to help with making smarter moves when it comes to my money.