I’ve heard of self-care, plenty of times, but never knew the importance until two summers ago. It was a huge transition in my life two years left of college and bam the “real world.” I was experiencing very severe panic attacks, heart palpitations, sleepless nights and severe acne. Just horrible. My confidence was shot down, I didn’t feel hopeless just helpless. Having panic attacks without a reason is awful, and my energy was swept away. It was a complete outer body experience.

Until mid-June my mommy brought home some articles pertaining to self-care (she’s an RN by the way). She of course had me read many scriptures before I learned of “self-care.” Each article broke down the medical term of self-care or self-help. Words like mindfulness stuck out to me as well. I began to realize that I had to make a personal decision to push through and make time for myself. Instead of thinking about the next panic attack or crying out of frustration. I needed to step aside from myself and make some changes. That whole summer I started my mornings off with prayer and listening to an app called “Abide.” Which I highly recommend, they have different topics centered around feelings and or emotions that leads you to the scriptures of what God has to say then it ends in prayer. After that I did my Pilates while practicing centering my breathing.  I stopped all sodas and added more fresh vegetables into my meals. Started to get back into things that I loved, created my YouTube channel, read more editorial fashion magazines, drank more herbal tea and journaled. Some days I didn’t do all these things because of time and activities but my body started to change, those panic attacks and my anxiety went away. I felt like myself again, taking personal time for myself was a must. I had to learn its okay to put you first, not in terms of only thinking about you, but putting your needs to create a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies will change when our surroundings change.

I had situational anxiety, my mind took over causing my body to react. I was always in fight-flight mode.

That soon changed after I learned how to calm my mind and reassure that I was okay. I had to push myself from comfortability to being uncomfortable. After summer break, school started, and I knew I didn’t want to waste those valuable tools that I used during that hard time. I had to continue it throughout each semester and I did. I got me a therapist, took a mindfulness class, continued journaling, drinking my tea, exercising and made sure to take some “me” time without being so involved with campus life and my friends. Self-care is the best care, it allows you to care for yourself. However, you must take time to see what you as an individual need. Self-care is different for everyone, but the key is to learn it, do it and live it.