Welcome to the Ford G.I.R.L.S blog! We are four sisters: Felicia, Danielle, Chloe’, and Kirsten born and for the most part raised in Durham, North Carolina. We also have roots in Henderson, North Carolina where our parents currently reside. As sisters we all grew up together under the same household but our parents always told us to follow our OWN dreams and reminded us that we are all uniquely created for a specific purpose. With that being said we all have different experiences and opinions about very familiar topics such as corporate America, education, fashion, parenting, politics, and the list goes on.
Our ultimate goal is to provide an ongoing and transparent dialogue to support, enhance, and encourage women in various stages of life. We want to extend a standing invitation to our readers that will allow them to see our individual and collective day-to-day experiences as women of faith, women of color, and women of purpose. Our hope is that this platform will enable us to be a voice for the everyday woman through a transparent, practical, and open lens.

 "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."