5 tips to successfully transition back to school

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It’s hard to believe that the summer is winding down and that school will be back in session.  For our family the month of July was filled with a trip to grandmas house, swim lessons, vacation and now we have to reset for the academic year.   In order to make the transition a bit smoother I have some tips to help you along the way.  


Ask the Lord for His wisdom and grace as you and your child begin a new school year.  New teachers, classmates, learning objectives and that is just the first week.  The beauty of praying for your children is that because the Lord created them He knows exactly what they need!  When you pray be specific and trust that the Lord hears and will answer.  A personal favorite is Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not until you own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.  Trust Him with the unknown, even if it’s 1st grade math.


Family meeting 

Yes. I said it a family meeting but this is not your typical family meeting.  Now that Matthew is in school we have to manage four schedules: my husbands, mine, Matthew and the family schedule.  In order to do this you must have great communication, this is where the family meeting comes into play.  We meet on Sunday to review any upcoming appointments, schedule changes and obligations that we might have during the week outside of school and work.  In addition, we discuss things such as transportation needs, meals and other logistics that will help this train to run smoothly.  Family meeting are a proactive approach to help decrease confusion and eliminate unnecessary stress for both you and your family. 

Set a bedtime 

Matthew has been living the good life since school let out but it’s back to reality now that school is in session.  Sleep is essential for recovery, brain function and development.  Studies have shown that elementary children need nine to eleven hours a sleep a night.  We want Matthew to be refreshed and ready to learn everyday and that begins with getting a good nights rest.  In addition, our mornings go a lot smoother when he has gotten an adequate amount of sleep.  

Eat breakfast 

In addition to your brain getting rest it also needs fuel.  The best way to jump start your child’s day is to provide a nutritious breakfast.  For our family we do a mix of french toast, yogurt, oatmeal or fruit on most days BUT a good ole bowl of cereal will do the trick as well.  Studies have show that children who eat breakfast perform better in school and are forming healthy eating habits that will carry over into adulthood.  

back to school

Prepare the night before

A moment of transparency: I loathe doing things at night at the end of the day after I get the kids to bed.  However, making our lunches, setting out our clothes and packing our book bags the night continues to save us 25 minutes the mornings.  If I am really ambitious I will set out the kids clothes for the week….gasp.  In addition now that Matthew is six he knows exactly what he wants for lunch which means he helps me pack it by grabbing the snacks and we are working on his sandwich making skills.  Allow your children to help in the process. It teaches responsibility and encourages independence.  Lastly, by preparing the night before it makes for a less stressful morning when every minute counts as you are trying to bust out the door for a new and exciting day.  

These are five easy ways to set the tone for a successful school year.  As a family tips have carried us through kindergarten and we hope they will see us through till graduation.   From our family to yours we wish you a successful school year!

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