5 Things I Accomplished This Summer

Summer Break Update

Summer Break is coming to a quick halt and while I can use a few more days, I will not complain because this was by far the best summer I have had in quite some time. To recap the summer I decided to revisit the post that I dedicated to my fellow colleagues who work in the field of K-12 Education.

Five Things Every Educator Should Do During Summer Break

Read on to see how I took my own advice and what I was able to accomplish.


  1. Take Care of Your Physical Needs

    Establishing a new habit for wellness- a daily walk

I am proud to say that I visited ALL of my health care providers over the summer including the dentist (which I loathe). Overall I received good news from my blood work and one of my prescriptions has been decreased! I also got a good kick in the butt regarding my overall wellness but I have already started taking steps in the right direction to address this. Stay tuned as I hope to keep this momentum during the school year.


  1. Invest in your creative/entrepreneurial outlets

This summer was spent meeting new people and learning new things. I attended two networking events SOLO. I even wrote about it.

Having fun at Ignite Your Influence in Charlotte, NC

I have already started to implement many of the things that I learned from various experts in the field AND I am looking forward to the opportunities that will present themselves as I continue to push myself as a blogger/content creator/entrepreneur in the making.



3.Finish up any outstanding projects

Extreme home makeover did not make their way to my house BUT I did manage to declutter the home, which was extremely needed. My husband and I are going to create a schedule to help us navigate the updates that we want to make to our house in the fall. Stay tuned!


  1. Reconnect with your circle

This was my favorite part of the summer. I am so blessed to have solid friendships and I always try to be intentional about checking in regularly. I had dinner, drinks, chats, visitations, you name it! I hope that my friend’s tanks are as full as mine is!


  1. Rest
Family Vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC

Powered down. This is how I would describe myself even though I had to report to the building this summer. It felt good to protect my space as well as what I allowed into my space.  Consistently finding ways to decrease stress and relax will be on my to-do list throughout the year as well.


So there you have it! I really hope that your summer was awesome too. I would love to hear about it so feel free to comment below.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


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