1. I’ve only lived in North Carolina

I’ve been a resident of the following counties at some point in my life: Durham, Wake, Orange, and Vance. I don’t see myself living anywhere else. My husband has been hinting at a move for professional reasons but I am highly opposed at this time. Having a child changes everything and right now I’d prefer that we hang on to our small support system in this area.

  1. I almost didn’t meet my husband

His fraternity brother and my sorority sister were dating at the time and they wanted to introduce us at a Memorial Day cookout that he was hosting. I was in attendance and he was NOT! I later found out that he had a family emergency when he called me that evening. We went on our “first date” the next day and the rest is history. We are proud members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated respectively.

  1. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill twice

I have a Bachelors and Masters degree from UNC so I have the receipts and student loans to back me when I say that I’m a “Tarheel Born and Bred.” I recently obtained a sixth-year professional degree in Educational Leadership from Gardner-Webb. My husband always says I’m the most educated person he knows…it’s a dig but I CAN say that I put my education to work daily.

  1. As a child I wanted to be an Attorney

I drive my husband nuts because I’ve considered applying twice. Reinventing myself is definitely a consideration but I wouldn’t continue in my current line of work and pursue a Juris Doctor. So I’d have to quit and we’ve got financial goals that won’t be met with one income.

  1. I love shoes

And I can’t get enough of them. My husband has kicked me out of our marital closet because of my shoes. What can I say, a girl needs options and lots of them! I have items in every closet in my house with the exception of my daughters’ closet.

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