4 Sisters Discover Their Enneagram Personality Type


The Enneagram personality assessment has taken popular culture by storm. Last week in our group chat, Felicia brought up the test and we decided it would be neat for each of us to take it. Check out our Enneagram Personality Test results and personal reflections below!




Felicia – “The Loyalist”

Type 6


Reflection: This is the first personality test that I’ve taken that takes into account one’s emotions and how they govern our lives.  I would have to agree with the assessment along with the other two types that I scored highly on as well.  I value organization, communication and attention to detail which help me thrive in my relationships at home, work and play.






Danielle- “The Investigator”

Type 5

Reflection: All I could say was “wow” when I found out how I scored. The Investigator is me. The defining characteristics are pretty much spot on but I think what I have experienced is that people will misunderstand the Investigator personality type and stay away because they are “hard to crack.” People tell me all the time that my personality is intense and that I can come across as intimidating before they get to know me. I’m not intimidating…I’m just serious, always in my thoughts, and I prefer to function independent of most people and things…LOL. In all seriousness, I would say that my life experiences have shaped my personality and I think that I also possess some of the other more palatable characteristics that are more closely associated with the other types.




Chloe’- “The Helper”

Type 2

Reflection: So I tested as Type 2 also known as “The Helper”. The Helper is known as the “caring, interpersonal type: generous, demonstrative, people-pleasing and possessive”. Though I have a little side eye for the two p words in the mix, I would definitely agree that this aligns pretty well with my personality. Amongst my sisters, I would like to think I try to keep the balance. I think it goes with my desire to be as helpful as I can be with the ones I love.

Now with anything, there’s always a down side. With that, I’m learning that this can become draining and there are moments when I have to put back in myself what I give out to the world. All about self awareness! It’s actually really cool doing these things to learn just a little more about yourself. I love that my sisters and I all have such a variation of types. Really points out how unique we all are in comparison to one another but how blended we truly are in the same.




Kirsten “The Enthusiast”

Type 7

Reflection: The Enthusiast” which is spot on, it was even scored as 86%. As always when taking any test, you take it at your own leisure, however I do consider myself an enthusiast. I truly am an optimistic person and strive to seek new and exciting experiences. Still taking one day at a time and trying to stay in the moment while enjoying it good or bad.




We participated in the Enneagram test and obtained the following information from Truity. You can find additional information by accessing the link below:








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