4 Practical Decor Tips For Christmas

This interview includes four practical decor tips for Christmas features Alicia Stevenson, Master Crafter at  Currituck Crafter

Ladies Christmas is around the corner which means it is time to pull out the decorations! I reached out to my good friend Alicia for four practical decor tips for Christmas.  Alicia understands the importance of budgeting time and money wisely as a working wife and mother.  She’s the friend whose house you envy during the holidays because she has a fierce passion for crafting!  Check out the advice she offers below and follow @currituckcrafter on Instagram for seasonal decor inspiration!

Tip 1: Organization

It may not sound very exciting, but spreadsheets are my holiday go to for organization. The list helps to keep me focused and not swayed by all the new and shiny things. Each room is outlined with what I currently have and what I need to purchase. I also have the list broken down by day so I don’t feel like I have to get it all done at one time. Every room does not have to be decorated from top to bottom, so the list ensures that each room has a little touch of holiday without falling into the more is better trap.


white christmas lights on treeTip 2: Creativity

The holidays are very sentimental and personal. Your home is a reflection of you and not the latest trend on a magazine cover. It can be very overwhelming to live up to the gingerbread house down the street, or Joanna Gaines’ latest do it yourself nativity scene…SO DON’T TRY!!! Do you have a favorite color, small children who love snowmen, or a special memory? Start with the feeling or story you want to see when you walk into your home and let that guide your décor. One piece can add a bit of holiday spirit to a room. It doesn’t have to be the entire store. Another easy tip is to use white lights. They are classic, cozy, and add instant, elegant glimmer during the holidays. They can stand alone when you are on a budget or be added to inexpensive garland with a bow.


DIY Christmas decorTip 3: Cost

Think Ahead…Most stores drastically discount holiday décor the day after Christmas, so purchase in advance for the next year. If you are starting in the midst of the holiday, start with investing in a good quality tree that can be used for years to come. A bountiful tree draped in lights screams holiday. Black Friday deals generally offer artificial trees at a discount. A 6-7ft pre-lit tree will cost you around fifty dollars. I know that sounds like a lot, but you will not have to buy another year for years to come. Then, run to your local discount store. Discount stores have a great selection of ornaments, garland, bows, pillows, etc… No one will ask how much you paid for the star on top the tree. Each year, budget for one signature piece and let that piece shine amongst your other ‘discount’ finds.


 Tip 4: Preservation and Storage

Plastic Bins and Labels! A large plastic bin from Wal-Mart will only set you back 5 bucks. Organize your décor by room in each tub, label, and store away. Items will last longer stored off the ground and away from moisture. Save that tree box! I know it may not look like the tree will fit again, but it will. Tree storage bags can be expensive. I wrap each section in a large garbage bag before putting it back in the box. Duck tape is great for sealing up the seams. If you can’t figure out the art of getting the tree back in the box, head over to your local dollar store and purchase a few plastic garment or comforter bags for each section of the tree. Again, store on a garage shelf or in a dry attack.

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2 thoughts on “4 Practical Decor Tips For Christmas”

  1. Very good tips! I like adding a signature piece each year – I think I’ll splurge on a couple of Nutcrackers, I’ve been wanting one for years. I found my tree storage bag on sale after Christmas – great time to shop for Christmas deals.

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