3 Tips For Hosting Holiday Parties At Home

 3 Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties At Home that are guaranteed to help you host a party to remember

Tis the Season to Celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with family and friends in your home. This past weekend I hosted a holiday party at home for a few close friends and family. It was so much fun that I thought I’d share some 3 tips for hosting holiday parties at home with you!

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1. Plan ahead

The holidays are a busy time and everyone is moving at a rapid pace. Give your guest as least two-to-three weeks notice from the date of the party to make any necessary arrangements. This may include: childcare, time off work, and travel. This will also help you know how many guests to budget for which rolls directly into your party preparations. As the hostess, you should use this window of time to plan out your next steps as the party date approaches so that you don’t overlook anything.



  1. Make Your Party Memorable

 I knew that I wanted to do something different for my guests so I hosted a paint party. Everyone walked away with canvas art that they created and they will be able to look back on Christmas 2019 with fond memories of the holiday party that I hosted at my home.

Think of ways to incorporate a unique experience for your guest as a hostess. Think about what things your guest have in common? What would they enjoy? How would they like to spend their time?

I knew that a paint party would appeal to my guest because it’s a fun, relaxing, and creative way to spend time with your circle. Also, who wouldn’t want to walk away with something that they can use for Christmas décor?


3. Have Fun

 Hosting a Holiday Party at home should be fun. It’s your home! Let your hair down, kick your shoes off, and be you. This will definitely break the ice and allow your guest to do the same.


Did you host or will you be hosting a holiday party at your home? I’d love to hear some of your advice and/or fresh ideas so feel free to comment below.  Hosting holiday parties in your home is also a great way to show off your holiday décor and other personal touches. Still getting your house holiday ready?  Check out 4 Practical Decor Tips For Christmas for more inspiration.



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Comments (1)

  • Regina Ford

    December 13, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Kirsten and Lydia reported having a blast. The Christmas tree painting in now up in our family room. Great suggestions!

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