If your kids are anything like mine then you know that they are balls of non-stop energy.  Check out our 15 fun, creative and affordable activities that require nothing more than a space and time.  Both you and your kids are guaranteed to have a great time.

Family Friendly

  1. Bake – brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes and pies. Most of these items are very reasonably priced and what’s better than baking with your little ones.
  2. Assemble a puzzle – this is a great activity for kids of all ages because they come in differing levels of difficulty. You’re having fun and practicing your critical thinking skills.
  3. Get a head start on your spring cleaning! The gang is all here. Give each child an assignment and then make it a competition to see who will do the best job, the fastest.
  4. Board games – a family favorite is Memory and Uno. The classics are all reasonably priced at your local Target or Walmart.
  5. Family devotion – it doesn’t have to be long just impactful and age appropriate. Fostering a love for the Word of God and prayer starts in the home.
  6. Movie night – choose a great movie, pop some popcorn, pour up your favorite sugary drink and sit back and enjoy.

Matthew - board game


  1. Community service – get creative! Pack lunches at home and deliver them to your favorite shelter. Clean out those closets and toy rooms, bag the items up and give them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  2. Write a letter or color a picture for their grandparents – Grandparents love to hear from their favorite people…their grandkids. Writing a letter is a lost art that speaks volumes about how you feel about someone. Let’s show grandparents that we love them.

Out and About

  1. Playground hunt – search your city, town or neighborhood for a new park or playground.
  2. Take a trip to your favorite arts and crafts store – we love Hobby Lobby because it is stocked with everything that you need for an awesome project whether it’s making a t shirt or painting on construction paper.  Let their imagination soar!

Ethan- playground

Hands on

  1. Photo album refresh – all those photos in your cloud, on your phone or in an email….print them! Once they are printed hang, frame or organize them in a new photo album.
  2. Make slime – easy to make, super affordable and you probably have most of the supplies at home.


  1. Play hide and go seek – a classic go to game that only requires places to hide and you can play inside or outside your home.
  2. Put on a concert– “Alexa play…..”. Turn it up and sing as loud as you want. Grab some “mics” and put on your best show.

We hope that you will try at least one activity from each category.  We would love to hear how you keep your crew going!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Madelyn - painting

Felicia Tucker

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