10 Field Day activities for your backyard

When I was growing up field day was the highlight of my school year. I remember being outside with all my friends and playing until lunch then hitting the reset button and playing until my parents came and picked me up. In light of schools being closed due to COVID-19 our children will not be able to experience field day activities with friends. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about how we can transport that all-important day right in our backyard.  The purpose is not for perfection but for us as parents to make memories with our kids and to get them moving. So check out these ideas, choose your favorites and play on!

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Three-legged race

A classic field day activity. You and your children can use a bandana or t-shirt to tie around your inside leg. Once you and your children are tightly secured the race can begin. Be sure to mark off a specific distance and see how quickly you can get to the finish line. Switch partners to see who will have the best time or form teams to race against each other.

Wheelbarrow race

Grab a partner! One person will be the driver of the wheelbarrow and the other person will be the wheelbarrow. The driver will hold onto “wheelbarrows” ankles. The “wheelbarrow” will walk on their hands while the driver walks normally.

Egg race

This race requires some prep…..2-3 boiled eggs depending on the number of participants. Racers will line up at the start line with a boiled egg sitting on a spoon. Once you say go the racers must cross the finish line with the egg still on the spoon. To make it more challenging you can make the race into a relay and switch the egg off to your partner halfway through the race.

Sack race

Grab a pillowcase and head to the starting line. Once you get in the sack the objective is to hop from the starting line through the finish line. The first person to HOP across the finish line wins.

50-yard dash

No field day is complete without a race and the 50 yd dash is great for both parents and kids. Ready, set, sprint!

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Obstacle course

This is your opportunity to be super creative. Be sure to include elements of running, jumping, throwing, and of course silliness. Our obstacle course consisted of bear crawls, making a free throw, jumping rope, backpedaling and a water ball toss. The objective is to get through the course in the fastest time possible.

Make bubbles

This a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers. All you need is water, dishwashing soap, bubble wands and a bowl. There are numerous bubble making recipes on Pinterest. Choose your favorite and let the kids run wild and free.

Water balloon fight

No field day is complete without a water activity and the ultimate one is a water balloon fight. The key is to make them ahead of time so that you aren’t missing out on the fun. Simply fill up the balloons with water, tie the balloon and let the madness begin!


This game is typically not played during field day but remember we are improvising and having fun. This can be played with kids of all ages particularly if you have an adjustable goal. The objective of the game is to make a shot from anywhere on the court all while trying to eliminate your opponents. If an opponent does not make the first shot they will get the letter “H”. The first person to spell out HORSE is eliminated. The person standing who has the least amount of letters in “HORSE” wins.

Relay race

All you need is a teammate for this awesome race. The relay race can vary from a traditional race or to a silly variation of fun activities such as doing the hula hoop for 15 seconds. The first team to complete each leg of the relay wins!

I hope that you have found a few activities to inspire you to make your field day. They are all great ways to spend time with your family and get active.


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12 thoughts on “10 Field Day activities for your backyard”

  1. I recall many of these games. O enjoy competition. These games are great to play with memorable moments. Take pictures and enjoy the fresh air. Kudos!!!

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